Top 20 Most Scraped Websites in 2024

Are you a business owner, product manager, or salesperson looking to gather data that will allow you to understand current trends? The list of the most-scraped websites in 2024 we have discussed in this article would give you the direction you need.

Most Scraped Websites

Overview of Most Scraped Websites

  • AmazonBest for Scraping Product and Customer Review Data
  • FacebookBest for Scraping Market Demography
  • TwitterBest for Scraping Data for Sentimental Analysis
  • LinkedInBest for Scraping Business Lead
  • Zillow — Best Site for Scraping Real Estate Data

Top 20 Most Scraped Websites for Data Collection

Data is the new oil that has become a major play card for businesses, researchers, and decision-makers in the last two decades. Research has shown that over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. Meanwhile, for those that need data for analytical purposes, reports have also revealed that there will be 150 trillion gigabytes of data available for analysis by 2025. Every day, humans generate data from various sources and aspects of our society.

Interestingly, a bulk of these is publicly available on the Internet. however, gathering data manually can be quite time-consuming. Hence, the need for web scraping. Web scraping helps you to extract data from websites and store it in files or spreadsheets in a structured manner.

However, whether your goal is to generate leads, do market analysis, or get some opinions based on sentimental analysis, there are quite a number of sources to generate the appropriate data set. These could be social media platforms, e-commerce websites, online directories, etc.

In this article, we are going to concentrate on some of the top data sources that have been scraped the most in 2022. We would help you see the different, unique categories of data each generates.

1. Amazon — Most Scraped Website (Best Site for Scraping E-Commerce Data)

Amazon Overview

Top on our list is Amazon. Amazon remains the top e-commerce platforms, leading the industry. Recent statistics show that Amazon has over 200 million active users, and over 2.5 million of them are sellers. The e-commerce giant has more than 12 million products on its website, meaning more than 4,000 items are sold every minute in the US alone.

This shows the robust nature of the company’s database. It is arguably the most scraped website in 2022. Hence, Amazon data has been the most representative for any kind of market research.

One can scrape publicly available data such as prices, product descriptions, ratings, and reviews. You can scrape these data using scraping tools like Bright Data, Octoparse, Apify, and a host of other Amazon scrapers.

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Google Overview

Google is more than just the most widely used digital product worldwide or a search engine. It is a digital giant that defines how many of us utilize the Internet. Data is therefore Google's secret weapon. Google has one of the biggest datasets, with more than one billion users worldwide.

As a result, the information from Google provides a special perspective on consumer behavior. For anyone wishing to scrape data linked to SEO, Google is the best site to use.

Hence, Google SERP scrapers can help do the job. Numerous companies have invested resources in scraping Google SERPs. They study and even forecast market and product trends using Google SERPs.

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3. Yellowpages — Best for Scraping Business Directory based on Location

Yellowpages Overview

Yellowpages is another website that is frequently scraped. In contrast to the previous two sources we just examined, Yellowpages is a significant source of information about businesses, restaurants, hotels, and service directories around the world.

The company's internet directory is jam-packed with useful location-based business data. Over 60 million people every month use the platform. Yellowpages is a wonderful resource to use when generating leads for a B2B company trying to sell to nearby regional companies.

For all the local businesses, you can generate information about them, including their names, phone numbers, addresses, shop names, ratings, hours of operation, and even directions. If you are looking to scrape these data yourself, tools like Parsehub, WebHarvy, or Octoparse are good choices to pick from.

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4. Yelp — Best Alternative to Yellowpages.

Yelp Overview

Yelp is another large business directory website on the internet. Both their mobile app and website have more than 178 million monthly visitors. As a local business aggregator and customer review platform, Yelp is helpful in a couple of ways.

Like Yellowpages, Yelp can provide information about local businesses. The platform can help you generate a list of local business leads for various industries and do your research. You can scrape datasets like business names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. To scrape these, Octoparse is a tool to use.

However, Yelp does not just serve as a business directory alone; it also doubles as a free consultant for customers, especially in-home services as well as food hunting. As a result, it is the best substitute for the Yellow Pages.

5. Craigslist — Best Website to Scrape Classified Listings

Craigslist Overview

Craigslist is the most popular classified website in the United States, just like Yellowpages and Yelp. The platform has long been one of the most well-liked platforms for promoting regional services and goods for sale.

Craigslist is present in 70 other nations and receives more than 20 billion page views every month. It is packed with prospective customers that could drive sales. Businesses have been able to track their competitors thanks to the useful data available on Craigslist for a variety of industries.

People can also obtain first-hand knowledge about residences, automobiles, computers, and many other items. This is undoubtedly the main factor contributing to Craigslist's popularity. One popular tool used to scrape Craigslist is Phantombuster.

6. Facebook — Best for Scraping Market Demographics.

Facebook Overview

Facebook continues to be a popular social media network with more than 2.80 billion monthly active users and a wealth of data. Facebook is a good resource for business owners to obtain relevant data about the demographics of their target markets. Data from Facebook pages, including profiles, likes, posts, comments, contact information, and more, can be scraped for public consumption.

These data are actionable in substantial chunks. To scrape these data, there are a few common tools web scrapers use. Among others is Facebook scraper from Apify, data collector from BrightData, and ScraperAPI.  As such this generated data is used to better understand customer behavior, and their sentiments and develop products more quickly, just like Instagram and Twitter.

7. Instagram — Alternative to Facebook

Instagram Overview

A social media network with active users that log on for 53 minutes a day on average is Instagram, according to reports in 2022. There are over 500 million users visiting one business profile every day. The platform's potential for advertising is estimated to reach up to 928.5 million users.

As such, Instagram is one site that has been scraped for data to better understand customer behavior. By scraping different data like profiles, hashtags, videos, pictures, and comments, you would be able to conduct reputation management, brand sentiment monitoring, and even market analysis. For instance, a simple hashtag can help you spot trends. To help harvest these data, you can use Octoparse.

8. LinkedIn — Best for Scraping B2B Leads Data

LinkedIn Overview

Focusing on LinkedIn for data scraping can produce considerably better results if you need to generate B2B leads. High-level business leaders and staff from virtually every B2B industry are present on the platform in large numbers. According to Datareportal, there are over 849.6 million users on LinkedIn.

Creating and maintaining a list of leads from this wealth of data is a simple way to gather a warm list of customers that are ideal for your offering. With the ScraperAPI scraping tool, you can extract data from LinkedIn profiles like names, email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, skills, and awards.

9. Twitter — Great for Scraping Data for Sentiment Analysis

Twitter Overview

Another social media site that creates a ton of data each day is Twitter. It's a simple “microblogging” platform that allows users to post comments and opinions called “tweets.” Statistics show that the bird app has 486 million users globally and 238 million daily active users.

As you might expect, this implies that Twitter has a ton of useful information just sitting on the shelf, waiting to be put to other uses. Twitter scraping can provide a wealth of information about sentiments, opinions, and social media trends.

As a result, it's an excellent platform for gathering information for sentimental analysis on almost any subject as well as implementing branding and marketing strategies. Some popular scrapers for Twitter are BrightData's Data Collector, Octoparse, and  Apify‘s Twitter Profile Scraper.

10. YouTube — Best for Scraping Data Around Video Content

YouTube Overview

The second-most-used search engine online, behind Google, is likely YouTube. It is also the largest video-sharing service with access to the largest possible data set. It's interesting to note that every month, over 1 billion users add videos to YouTube.

Publicly available YouTube data is very important for independent researchers and YouTube marketers. Search results like playlists and channels, video IDs and URLs, and other information can all be extracted from YouTube.

Using scraping tools like Phantombuster or SerpApi, data obtained from YouTube is useful for a variety of purposes. It can assist, for instance, with video ranking and monitoring, sentiment analysis of user comments, and building a database of video descriptions.

11. TikTok —  Good for Generating Machine Learning Dataset.

TikTok Overview

With a variety of videos in many genres, TikTok is one of the video-sharing sites with the fastest growth. As of February 2021, iOS and Android users combined for TikTok's more than 100 million monthly active users, with more than 2 billion downloads throughout the globe.

Links to videos, hashtags, views, comments, shares and other data are among the things you can gather with good scraping tools Phantombuster and ScrapeStorm. Surprisingly, TikTok offers a lot of valuable data that can be manually analyzed or turned into a dataset for machine learning. These data may also be useful for discovering your competitors' strategies or the most recent trending videos.

12. Reddit — Good for Scraping Forum Discussion

Reddit Overview

Reddit is a huge forum that places a lot of emphasis on its communities. It's a popular internet discussion forum where people discuss practically any subject imaginable. You can almost certainly find a subreddit with a vibrant community for any interest you have.

The most recent data from DataReportal indicates that by the end of 2022, there will be more than 50 million daily active Reddit users worldwide. This is a 3.8 percent fall from the previous year.

Therefore, you can scrape Reddit using tools such as Helium Scraper or Parsehub. However, scraping Reddit is an excellent way for individuals interested in social research, internet marketing, or any other relevant sector to acquire data for research, analysis, references, and other uses.

13. Quora — Great for Scraping Question and Answer Data

Quora Overview

In 2022, Quora will be another question-and-answer website from which relevant data is being scraped. While Reddit is more of a forum, Quora leans more toward becoming a hub for online sociability where digital citizens from across the world can ask, answer, and discuss the most important questions, concerns, and topics.

Let's look at some facts to better understand why individuals and businesses scrape Quora. With an average daily usage time of more than 4 minutes, Quora has over 300 million monthly active users.

Google also returns as many as 65 million results for Quora when you attempt a search. It's a fantastic social platform for user-generated data. Among many others, Parsehub is a good tool to generate these questions and answers for sentiment analysis.

14. eBay — One of the Oldest E-Commerce Sites to Generate Data

eBay Overview

eBay is among the first online e-commerce sites, having been established in 1995. According to figures from Q3 2022, there have been over 940,000 sellers on eBay and over 135 million users globally. Additionally, the top-selling product category on eBay is electronics and accessories, which account for 16.4% of all products.

These figures translate into a ton of information, such as product descriptions, prices, locations, merchant profiles, pictures, etc. These data can be generated with scraping tools like Parsehub and ProxyCrawl. When compared to Shopify, eBay is a good platform for producing product data for market research. These data, for example, can assist you in discovering chances that no amount of human intelligence gathering can match.

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15. Shopify — Great for Scraping Product Data

Shopify Overview

Shopify is a website designed as an e-commerce platform to help small businesses manage their sales, marketing, analysis, and other operations conveniently. Shopify is currently used by more than a million companies. Shopify is a place with vital data, though, as a POS (point of sale) system and management tool.

Businesses wishing to better understand themselves, keep tabs on competitors, enhance production procedures, and increase brand awareness can greatly benefit from this database. These websites are scraped by individuals and businesses using the popular Phantombuster web scraper.

The goal is to obtain product information, such as prices, sizes, and other details. Like other e-commerce sites like eBay, its information is important for market research and analysis.

16. Walmart — Great for Scraping Product and Price Data

Walmart Overview

Walmart is at the top of the list when it comes to e-commerce sites. The pricing lists of products on Walmart are one distinctive dataset that can be scraped. This is mostly attributed to its slogan, “Save money. Live better.” For many retailers and grocery stores, Walmart is a valuable resource for product data needed for market research.

It suggests that Walmart must be on your list if you need to scrape e-commerce websites while you are conducting business in the United States. The platform provides all the information you require regarding items, customers, and even sellers. However, to scrape these price listings, we would suggest Octoparse a popular Walmart scraping tool.

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17. Tripadvisor — Best Website to Scrape Data for the Hospitality Industry

Tripadvisor Overview

One may be wondering how to gather reasonable data for analysis for a business in the hospitality industry. One website that can offer this category of data is Tripadvisor. It is one of the biggest sources of hospitality industry data. Since the pandemic's resurgence in 2020, many individuals and businesses have begun to gather data from this platform.

Tripadvisor has a wealth of information that you can use to conduct competitor research and price comparisons. The types of data that are scraped from Tripadvisor include names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, ratings, prices, and reviews for restaurants, hotels, flights, vacation packages, etc. Good scraping tools that are been used in recent times to scrape Tripadvisor are Parsehub and Phantombuster.

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How to Scrape Tripadvisor using Python &  Beautifulsoup

18. Indeed — Great Website to Scrape Job Listings

Indeed Overview

Indeed is a social networking site and online service focused on jobs. Statista estimates that the website has received close to 665.2 million unique international visitors as of May 2022. Data such as company hiring, average salaries, roles in demand, and many more are some of the extracted information from Indeed.

You can do that with either DiffBot or Octoparse web scraping tools. However, due to the pandemic, many people have seen a move toward remote work over the last two years. If you are a hiring or HR organization, for example, scraping Indeed can help you track and compare job openings at competing companies, as well as generate leads.

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19. Zillow — Best Site for Scraping Real Estate Data

Zillow Homepage

This post would not be complete if we didn’t look at data scraped from the real estate industry. In that regard, Zillow is one of the major industry players that generates relevant data. With approximately 68 million monthly visitors on average in 2021, Zillow is a well-known online real estate marketplace in the United States.

Its database contains more than 100 million properties, and hundreds more are uploaded every day. Some of the data that is available for scraping on this real estate platform are addresses, phone numbers, pricing information, descriptions, and so on.

With the vast amount of data on the platform, we believe and Octoparse can be used to scrape this data.  However, these statistics are useful for market research and providing a broad overview of competitors.

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Q. Sites to practice your web scraping skills?

As you are aware, scraping is a very practical skill that has several advantages for organizations. Although it is legal to scrape websites, not all websites permit bot-like operations because they put pressure on web servers.

Therefore, the majority of websites you'll wish to scrape won't be particularly accommodating to scrapers and will aggressively block you. However, there are a few websites where you can practice your scraping skills. These websites include Reddit, Toscrape, Wikipedia, and others.

Q. Must you have coding skills?

Web scraping essentially needs specific lines of code to assist you to generate the data you want, but there are web scraping programs that can help you scrape the internet even if you don't know how to code.

Additionally, you can create your own web scrapers, although this needs a high level of programming expertise. Also, you need even more understanding if you want your web scraper to have more functionality.

Q. How Much Data Can I Scrape from a Website?

When referring to the amount of data that can be scraped, we think that two elements are critically relevant. Decide why you need the data in the first place. This might help you determine how much data to look for.

Second, the webpage that you might be scraping Not all websites provide you with the desired data size. While some websites produce huge amounts of data, others just produce a smaller amount.

Hence, using a data scraping tool can enable you to automate the process of data extraction quickly and accurately from websites.


Why are these pages being scraped by web crawlers so frequently in 2022? One might wonder. It is obvious that businesses nowadays are seeking ways to make informed decisions, and the information gathered through web scraping from these websites can help them make better decisions and develop a stronger sales strategy.

It is past time for you to utilize the power of these platforms if you haven't already. We believe that this post will point you in the right direction, depending on the dataset you need.

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