Kodai Bot Review

Are you looking to forward to using the Kodai AIO bot for your sneaker copping exercise because of the hype surrounding it? Before you do that, I will advise you to read our honest Kodai AIO review below to discover both the pros and cons that hypes wouldn’t reveal to you.

Kodai AIO Sneaker Bot Reviews

Make no mistake about it; sneaker bots are becoming a must-have if you want to get your hands on limited-edition sneakers at their retail price. This is because bots are super-fast, have the ability to go through the process of checkout faster than a human can, and can do that undetectable and in a multithreaded manner, making it possible for a bot to cop more than a pair while you as a human would not win one.

There are many bots in the market that you can use for doing drops to destroy them and increase your chances of winning. The Kodai AIO bot is one of such. In this review article, we would be providing you a review of the bot to help you make a decision whether you would want to buy it or not.

Kodai AIO Bot Overview

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Kodai AIO is a sneaker bot that has been developed to help sneaker resellers and sneakerheads automate the process of checking out limited-edition sneakers quickly, thereby increasing their chances of purchase before it get sold out.

Basically, we can say that the Kodai sneaker bot is not different from any other bot fundamentally as at a basic level, all it does is replicate the process humans follow to make purchases on the sneaker sites it supports.

However, it is fast and will try to do that under the radar and hide the fact that it is a bot else, it would be blocked. The bot has got a lot of hype surrounding it; thanks to the amount of success it has enjoyed over the years.

The bot is an AIO bot that has got support for a good number of sneaker sites. This means that with the Kodai AIO bot, you will not need separate bots to join releases as it supports many sites. The bot is multithreaded, cross-platform, easy to use, and stable.

It is one of the sneaker bots that sneaker resellers are always on the lookout for and for that reason, it has become as competitive as the sneakers it is meant to cop. This has made it expensive at the bot reselling market and getting your hands on it is difficult except you can pay the price on it.

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Kodai AIO Bot Pros

From the above, we mentioned that the Kodai AIO bot is not different from the other bots in the market. What then is driving its price higher and people are still ready to pay such price? The answer is simple — Kodai works quite well. In tis section, we would be taking a look at the core strength of the Kodai bot.

Undetectable and Regularly Updated

Regularly Updated from kodai

If there is one thing that I find impressive, that thing has got to do with the dedication of the team behind the Kodai AIO sneaker bot to keep their bot at par with current realities. There is no doubt that sneaker bots are a menace to the free and fair release of limited-edition sneakers as the odds are skewed towards those making use of bots score wins while those without bots are almost always in losses.

Sneaker sites are always on the lookout for methods that can make sneaker bots less effective or even ruin them completely and as such, they set up anti-bot systems with each having its own logic. While the anti-bot system is effective against the amateurish sneaker bots out there, they have proven to be non-existence in most cases when the likes of Kodai AIO are in the game.

This is because the Kodai AIO bot has been developed to evade detection. Among other things, it comes with proxy and captcha harvest support. It mimics regular users to make sure it is not detected as a bot. The team regularly monitors the sites they support to see if changes have been made.

Usually, changes that have been made to the anti-bot system, site structure, or processes to be followed to make a purchase would require an update to the bot else, the bot will break. The team has been good so far at detecting updates and making batches to the bot to keep them updated and fit for the next drops.

Aside from these updates, Kodai is also being updated regularly in other to be more efficient, faster, and stable. As a user, you can also submit a bug report and the team would work on it.

Many Sneaker Sites Supported

Kodai Bot site support

A sneaker bot is an added expense to your quest to own limited-edition wear. Now, imagine you want to cop from 3 different sites and you will have to buy 3 different sneaker bots for these? Well, when sneaker bots were introduced, they started by targeting just one site. But along the line, some of them began adding support for more than one site and the term AIO bot was born.

AIO bot stands for All-in-One bot. It is a type of sneaker bot that has been developed to cop on multiple sites. Kodai AIO sneaker bot is one of the popular AIO bots in the market. With Kodai, you have got all you need to cop on many sneaker sites and that is one of its core strengths.

But what are the sites supported by the Kodai bot? The Kodai AIO bot isn’t trying to be clever like many of the so-called sneaker bots that will leave out important and popular sneaker sites from its list of supported websites. With Kodai AIO, you can cop on over 100 Shopify sneaker sites. It has got support for Supreme sites, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Footsites both EU and the US, as well as Finishline and JDSports, among others.

Looking at the list of sites supported which is even available on the homepage of the bot, you can tell that the team is a hardworking one to be able to support all of these sites, monitor them, and respond to changes that occur.

Cross-Platform Support

Kodai Bot multi platform

Would you want to run your bot on a virtual machine or server? If your answer is NO, then you need to forget about using any sneaker bot that does not support for Operating System. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with running your sneaker bot on a server. In fact, it is advisable to run bots on servers for enhanced speed.

However, for some, the cost is not something they would want to bear — or even worth it in the first place. That is why you need to look out for a bot that you can use outside of the box without having the need to install any other software to serve as its environment.

Kodai AIO bot is aware of the diversity in the market in terms of Operating System (OS) and for that reason, it has made its bot available in both Windows and Mac. If you put the market share of both Windows and Mac together, you will see that both enjoy up to 90 percent of the market share. This means that the Kodai team by providing support for both OS targets over 90 percent of the OS share.

Affordable Pricing from Official Site

kodai aio bot price

In the end, engaging yourself in the purchase of limited-edition wear is an economic activity that you will only engage yourself in if the maths is adding up and to your favor. If a bot becomes too expensive, there will be a lack of interest in it and would only b used by those that can turn to get them profitable.

However, it also does not make sense to purchase a bot that will not work for you and is always losing out to superior more powered bots. That is why you need to strike a balance and that is where the Kodai Bot comes in. The Kodai AIO sneaker bot is not the cheapest in the market and you have to know that.

However, the pricing cannot be said to be expensive in a way that will keep you off — but that is if you buy from the official team as the price can skyrocket to a point that you will even give up on using it except you are a reseller.

The price for a license is $175 for the first 2 months. After these 2 months, you would need to be paying $59.99 monthly. You wouldn’t be kicked out any month you didn’t pay for it.

Looking at the pricing and what the bot offers, you can tell that the Kodai AIO bot is one of the affordable bots out there that comes packed with the features you will want in a bot.

Easy to Use and Good Customer Support

Kodai Bot Customer Support

Sneaker bots were developed in order to help you secure releases in limited-edition wear. In a quest to do that, it shouldn’t make your life difficult. The team behind Kodai understands this need and as such, they have designed the Kodai Bot to be intuitive and easy to use even for first-time users.

However, it doesn’t stop there, the team provides a comprehensive guide on how to make use of the bot. One other feature added which is not only unique to this bot is the support for the release calendar. With the release calendar, the team updates the users of the bot on upcoming releases so that they set up the bot if they are interested.

Also important is the fact that the team is always ready to provide support to users of the bot. There is a dedicated team for customer support that has been responsive all these years.

Aside from sending them an email, the team is active on Twitter and you can contact them if you have any queries or problems you are facing while using their bot and you should get a response in no time.

Kodai AIO Bot Cons

Going by the above, you would think you have gotten the perfect bot and want to bring out your card to make a payment right? Well, you might as well want to read the cons section to discover some of the major downsides to this bot first.

Almost Always Sold Out

Kodai Bot price

Remember we stated above that the bot is affordable if you consider the price of other bots that works as it does. Remember we stated that the bot is efficient, effective, and can help you score Ws in releases? All of these come together and make the bot competitive.

Yes, the result needed to make use of a bot in the first place is so you can outperform your competitor. But what happens when the bot itself becomes competitive? Sneaker bot developers in a bid to drive competition have placed a limit to the number of accounts they give out and as such, the few they give out get sold out. Kodai AIO is one of such bots.

As of the time of writing this article, the Kodai AIO bot is out of stock. I have also checked the site frequently, a couple of times a year and that hasn’t changed. To the best of my knowledge, even they restock, there is a high chance that you might not get it as the restock is done on Twitter via raffle.

The number of people involved is quite high, making the chance of an individual very slim. Why wouldn’t they open the bot up to everyone to use considering the bot is not free? Well, that is an explanation for another day but that would make the bot less attractive.

Resell Price is High

What is the logical thing to do if a bot you are interested in is sold out from its official developers? To buy from a sneaker bot market right? Well, from the above, we mentioned that the bot is affordable isn’t it?

Well, if you weren’t lucky to grab a license, you would never get it anywhere close to the price it was officially sold out. Because of the competitive nature of the bot, those that got their hands on them end up selling them at a high price — some even without using them to cop.

The price can up to anywhere between $4K to $6K.  For a bot that was bought $175 to be sold at $4K, you will agree with me that it is too expensive. Usually, at this price, the only people theatre interested in buying them are sneaker resellers.

Does Kodai AIO Bot Work?

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Kodai AIO bot is not just a hype product; the hype is worth it as the bot works. Kodai has proven over the years that it is one of the bots that can be trusted when it comes to helping its users secure Ws.

According to the information on their website, the bot has been able to successfully check out over 200K pairs since it was introduced into the market. This is not a small fit for a dynamic market as the sneaker copping market where a small update can ruin a bot’s chances.

However, this does not mean you are provided a guarantee that you will secure releases because you have the bot — it will only increase your chances — the others are left to the other factors and chances.

Do We Recommend Kodai AIO Bot?

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The simple answer to this question is YES. After looking at the core strengths of the bot, you can tell it is the bot you will want to use if you have access to it. The bot is powerful with its multithreaded support, helping you not only to cop fast but to be able to cop more than one pair before it goes out of stock.

The bot is easy to use and there is a professional and responsive team waiting to help you out should you need some form of help in using the bot. The number of sites it supports makes it the perfect bot for many sites expect you want to cop from platforms such as the Nike SNKR which is not supported.

Our Expert's Review
  • Automation Performance - 9.1/10
  • Growth Service - 9.3/10
  • Bot Functions - 8.9/10
  • Customer support - 8.7/10

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