The Best Instagram Story Saver of 2022

Over the years, Instagram has been one of the most used social platforms. Its feature that allows you to publish your daily activities such as travels, meals, exercise, fashion tastes, and even business content is the backbone of entertainment on Instagram.

Best Instagram Story Savers

Just like you, your favorite celebrity, blogger or media gurus put up their posts for everyone to see. With these seemingly unending loads of content, the irony is that storylines have a lifespan of 24 hours. This means after this period, you can no longer view them.

Many times you don't have enough time to view all this content yet you don't want to miss them. Guess what! We have a solution for you. With this solution, you have your time to yourself and as well miss none of these posts. You simply save them and view them at your own pace.

In a nutshell,  having any of these apps on your android or IOS will be the best way and method of keeping a good track and record of quality and hilarious content on Instagram. Now come with us as we give details, unique features, and ways of using these applications.

Overview of Instagram Savers

  • Storysaver+: Overall Best Instagram Saver – <Free> – You wouldn't need to deal with Captcha
  • AhaSave: Best Instagram Saver for Android – <Free> – Support all content type on IG
  •  Instant Save: Best Instagram Saver for iOS- <Free + in ap purchase option> – Intuitive User Interface
  • QuickSave: Best Web-based Instagram Saver – <Free> – Effective for IGTV and Carousel
  • Inflact IG SaverBest for Automation Bot Users – <Free> – Provided by the Popular Inflact Bot

1. Storysaver+

Storysaver+ overview

This app is basically built for this purpose. Therefore, downloading, replaying, and sharing Instagram content are its fundamental functions. This app is all-encompassing.

It, therefore, makes it easier to share your friend's content anonymously. One interesting thing about this app is that no need for installation just by filling in the username it is a one-tap deal. No data is not collected and it is CAPTCHA-free.

With Storysaver+, you can download videos, photographs, auto-rotating pictures and posts, and download and share other users' posts. As a matter of fact, you can download the user's display picture with assured pixel quality.

On top of that, it has a feature that enables direct sharing to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. This means you are at liberty to share without downloading the file. Do you think you have anything to worry about once you have this app? I don't think so.

2. Story Assistant

Story Assistant apps from Google play store

Another excellent app for saving content on Instagram is the story assistant apk. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and supports multiple accounts. Not only that! For easy location and navigation to your favorite Instagram pages, this app has the bookmarking feature. Isn't that interesting?

It also has a search menu, where you can run a quick query on your friend list and pinpoint the contents you wish to save, share or repost in the array of storylines. Despite its all-inclusive features, this app is very light and takes little space on your device. This means that its weight is not enough to depict what the app is capable of.

Notwithstanding, it is very fast in all these functionalities.

3. AhaSave

AhaSave overview

Another beautiful app for saving Instagram stories is Ahasave. This app is suitable mostly for Android. Irrespective of what type of content you like to save on Instagram, be it a video, photos, profile pictures, and even Instagram TV accounts, this app is the right plug.

Again, you may like to share some content with your friends on other platforms, you can just use the share button from this app. You might be wondering if the quality of the video or photos would be reduced since you are not the real owner of the content. This is not an issue at all. This app ensures the quality of content watched, shared, or downloaded from IG.

I know you are thinking of how much it would cost given all these amazing features and functions. It is free to use this app. All you need to do is to download the app, copy the link of your favorite content from the story, highlights, Reels, or Instagram TV, and paste it into the app for just a click either to share or to download. To enjoy all these features, just download from Playstore and you are good to go.

4. Regrann

Regrann apps from Google play store

Regrann is an Instagram story saver that requires downloading an app. This app enables users to have quality copies of the content they view on IG. Not just that!

It works like an automated system that helps you keep a draft of a post you are not ready to put up yet. In other words, you can create content that is scheduled for later posting.

This app does not only allow you to repost another user's post but also to maintain the quality of the original post. It is easy to do this! Just open the Instagram app and share the content in Regrann and click Feed to publish on your page.

One way people detect copied content is through a watermark. Regrann downloads and shares content automatically without a trace of the watermark in the original content. That is a top-notch function if you ask me.

5. IG story saver

IG story saver overview

IG story saver is an interesting application used in highlighting the content of interest on Instagram. Instagram does not allow users to save content directly from the official platform. That is not an issue to be worried about. Once you have this App, saving, and sharing of pictures and videos are a done deal for you.

This apk enables you to directly share media content, IGTV video, and other posts on IG directly to your friends and followers and even to your gallery for subsequent viewing or posting. You're going to enjoy stunning and thrilling uploads of friends even after it has disappeared from their storyline.

This is made easy by this app. Like other apps of its nature, you can download any content on IG without compromising the quality of the media file. Don't you think this will help you keep some good records of amazing posts and spark up your entertainment game? Of course, it will.

6. Fast save

Fast save apps from Google play store

As it stands, Fastsave is the best Instagram video and picture-saving app. It has a wide range of usage and a high user base across the globe. This application is used by over 10 million people.

Therefore, it is popular and safe to use. The app instantly saves videos and photographs to your phone gallery. Since Instagram does not have this function of content saving, that creates a good market vacuum to be filled by this app.

Fastsave can save more pictures and videos for immediate view and sharing. In addition, it has a notification bar at the top home screen for a quick view of downloaded content. If you even want to have a look at the fool details of the user that posted the content, fast save got you covered.

Just hold a long click on the video or picture and there you go with the user's details. The speed of this app is also worth talking about. Very fast and seamlessly easy to operate.

7. Instant save

Instant save apps from apps store

This app is another very easy and straight-to-the-point app for saving Instagram stories. Irrespective of your choice, this app keeps track of all HD for you. You then will have to decide what to save, share or ignore.

More importantly, the app opens up a view of recent posts for you to access on your phone with a widget. As you copy a link from the IG app to download on this app, it automatically detects the copied link from your clipboards. This makes it better suited for this purpose.

Every story you have saved can be accessed anytime until you decide to wipe it off. Unlike some other apps, full-screen ads don't disrupt your activity in this app. Rather ads are shown at the bottom. Isn't that cool?

On top of these, what you save, share or download is not stalked nor monitored. You, therefore, have zero worries about its privacy policy. If your search is for a suitable and simple app for saving Instagram stories at no cost, this app would be your best choice.

8. Quick Save

Quick Save overview

Quick save is one other effective apk used for downloading and sharing Instagram pictures and videos. With just two or three clicks from the Instagram app, this app saves the video or picture into your device gallery. It is easy to use. Hence, it has recorded not less than a million downloads on the App store.

Log in to your IG account on the application interface, as you flip and scroll through Instagram stories, videos, and photographs, identify the content you want and click share. An app list pops up, then you click Quicksave. This automatically saves the media to your gallery.

This app is not only suitable for androids, it is very much compatible with iOS as well. Quicksave is simply one of the best IG savers out there.

9. Downloadgram

Downloadgram overview

A download of this app on your phone is an Instagram story-saving problem solved totally! This app is absolutely one of the best of its kind used in recent times. It works similarly to other apps.

Copy the link from IG and paste it into the Downloadgram interface. Straight up, the video or picture shows in your gallery. It is an online tool that works fast to download photos, IG TV videos, and posts on Instagram. Though you have those downloaded content for offline view and use anytime any day.

With this app, you don't have to download any other IG downloader on your device, be it Windows, Linux, Jave, Apple, iMac, or android. You are just a step away from having that content in your gallery. Just get this app and you are good to go. Once you have it, you have no regret in letting go of any content you like on Instagram.

10. Inflact story downloader

Inflact overview

Inflact is a tool majorly set up for downloading Instagram content. It does this with little or no effort from your end. This is made possible by this app as you log in with your IG account detail.

As you scroll through your follower profile and storyline, you can copy the link of the video or picture you want to download and paste it into the Inflact interface.

The video or picture will show in your gallery and will be ready for immediate posting or sharing. You can even select the folder space to save the content you want to download. This makes it easy to locate and manage downloaded items.


Q. What is an Instagram Story Saver?

Instagram Story Savers are apps that has been developed for downloading Instagram sotries. Instagram stories are meant to be available to users only for 24 hours after which they will disappeear. Even for the period they are visible, it is not possible for you to download them using the official Instagram app.  For you to download Instagram stories and access them locally, you will need to make use of a story saver tool like the ones described in the article. While some of the story savers are available as web apps that are accessible using a web browser, some of them require you to install their apps in other to make use of them.

Q. Are Instagram Story Savers Safe?

It is difficult to answer this question on a general note as there are a diverse list of Instagram story savers each having iys features. However, at their core, Instagram story savers are safe to use especially the ones that do not require you to log into your account or download and install their software. But for the Instagram story savers described in the article, they are safe to use and no security or privacy issues have been reported for any of these.


Conclusively, though this list above is not exhaustive of the Instagram story saver out there, it encompasses all the best ones you can ever get. It is not a try-and-error game!

It is a tested and trusted list of apps. This is an assurance from us that any of the listed apps herein will take your Instagram entertainment and memory archive to a more thrilling level.

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