Instagram Stories Statistics 2023: How Many Instagram Users Watch Stories

On noticing its effectiveness, brands and companies have decided to pitch their tents at this wonderful feature that is great for marketing.

Instagram Stories Statistics

Even though Instagram stories last 24 hours before it disappears, it still attracts an audience within that short period. The platform has other good marketing features, such as Live, Posts, Reels, etc., but none is as massive as Instagram Stories.

Brands have taken the opportunities to tailor their contents to fit into the 15-seconds long– for videos– or 7-seconds long for photos and still amass a lot of views and win many potential customers over.

So, it doesn't matter if you are starting as a small business or an unknown influencer; the opportunity to give your business a face and a lift always abound.

Do you want to establish yourself as an influencer and help brands promote their products? Or do you want to bring your business to a broader audience to get more returns? Then it would help if you considered using Instagram stories to achieve this remarkable feat. All you have to do is let the statistics in this article guide you toward making the best decision. Let's begin.

Instagram Stories Key Statistics (2023)

  • 500 million Instagram users utilize Instagram stories daily
  • About 60% of millennials and over 70% of Gen Z watch or publish Instagram stories.
  • About 86.6% of Instagram users posts stories every day.
  • United States marketers allocate 31% of their Instagram budget to Instagram adverts on stories.
  • 70% of Instagram users watch stories.

Instagram Stories Key Statistics

Top Instagram Stories Statistics and Facts for 2023

1. What is the Total Population of Instagram Story Users?

Total Population of Instagram Story Users

As stated earlier in the key statistics, Instagram Story has 500 million daily users. This figure almost doubles the total number of Snapchat daily active users, which stands at 332 million, as of the first quarter of 2022. The audience is waiting for you; all you have to do now is put your creativity cap on, follow a few rules in this article, and see those many users become an integral part of your business.

2. What is the Demography of Instagram Story Users?

Demography of Instagram Story Users

Studies have shown that more Gen Zers and Millennials use the Instagram story feature than other age groups. They are reported to interact better with stories, especially brands they use or care about.

Most users of Instagram stories connect faster with a brand that uses Instagram stories than with physical brands, regardless of how long they've known such a brand.

  • What Age Uses Instagram Stories more?

Instagram users who are between the ages of 25- 34 are people who use Instagram Stories most frequently. It is essential to note this age range and tailor your marketing ads accordingly to get the best out of Instagram ads stories. However, a study shows that 75.2% of American Instagram users who are 18 years and above do not use Instagram stories on a daily basis.

  • How Many Males Use Instagram Story?

Amongst the total number of active daily Instagram stories users, 36.19% are males.

  • How Many Females Use Instagram Story?

On the other hand, the percentage of females who use Instagram Stories daily is 63. 81%. This shows that the female gender is more likely to view Instagram Stories more than once per day.

Analysis has shown that 14.84% of females view Stories more than 10 times a day compared to their male counterparts which is around 9.80%. This should help you decide what kind of comments to post to catch this demography.

3. What is the Percentage of businesses that use Instagram Stories?

Percentage of businesses that use Instagram Stories

According to Tech Jury, about 36% of businesses use Instagram stories to promote their brand and products. An inside look follows this, the second most used Instagram story, accounting for 22%. It gives further information about the story outside Instagram.

(Source: Tech Jury)

4. What Industry has the Most Viewed Stories?

Report has it that businesses have about one-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram. Followers of brands love to watch stories of their favorite brands to know what's new. They want to know whether there is an updated version of a former product. Is there a new product launch? How do they get it? These and more are what constitute the extensive view that businesses are getting.

(Source: 99firms)

5. How many Marketers Plan to use Instagram Story?

Marketers Plan to use Instagram Story

96% of marketers in the United States intend to continue using Instagram Stories ads in the next six months. According to statistics, 50% of brands worldwide use Instagram stories by posting at least one story per month. Well, that figure is about to shoot up as more brands are considering hopping on the moving train and boosting their brand via Stories. It might be a good time to be a part of it too.

(Source: EmbedSocial)

6. What is the Rate of Forward Tap?

Rate of Forward Tap

On viewing your first Instagram Story, you will be guided by the app on how to navigate around the picture by using gestures. Each gesture has a specific purpose. You are navigating forward when you tap the right side of your story screen. Tapping the left side is to view the next story– if they are more than one.

Now, research has it that the rate of forward-tap is about 80% for stories with more than 25 slides. Its lowest for the first frame is about 68%. The rate of forward-tap tends to increase as the viewer continues to view the frames of stories.

(Source: 99firms)

7. What is the Rate of Back Tap?

Your viewers use the back tap gesture to return to a previous frame they have viewed. According to Statista, in 2019, the top 25% of brands on Instagram have a back tap rate of 4.6%, an increase from 4.3% in the preceding year. In addition, brands that are bottom 25% had a back tap rate of 2.3% in 2019, an increase from 2.2% in 2018.

(Source: Statista)

8. How Much are Influencers Paid for Stories?

Influencers Paid for Stories

Influencers are paid anything ranging from $43 to $721 for stories. You cannot take out the importance of stories in social media marketing. Not just any social, but Instagram, where you are sure of massive engagement. For influencers to charge such an amount, the feature will give you a run for your money.

(Source: True List)

9. How Many Stories are Viewed with Sound On?

Stories are Viewed with Sound On

A whopping 70% of Instagram stories are viewed with the sound on. Viewers prefer to hear the content they're consuming in both visual and audio. So, if you are a marketer hoping to use stories to create awareness for your business and get your audience hooked, you should ensure that there's audio.

10. How Many Advertisers use Instagram Story Ads?

Advertisers use Instagram Story Ads

According to 99Firms, in the third quarter of 2019, over 4 million advertisers were using Instagram ads. Per Facebook (the parent company of Instagram and has an extension of the instant messaging app known as Messenger), the total number of advertisers is up to 7 million. Out of that 7 million, 3 million use stories ads, and Instagram has the best engagement rate among the three.

(Source: 99firms)

11. What is Instagram Stories Retention Rate?

Instagram Stories Retention Rate

You know that thing your viewers do viewing through all your story frames without exiting and considering the next person's story? It's called retention.

  • Research says that the most significant dip is always from one or two slides as viewers slide past your story.
  • After a first initial dip, the retention rate through 6 stories per day reduces slowly and stables at 75%.
  • From April 2019 to September 2020, there is a 100% retention rate amongst viewers of Instagram stories around the world when brands post one story per day. The same cannot be said when brands post 15 stories per day, as the retention rate stands at 59.4%, indicating that when you post one story per day, more users will view it than when you more. The retention rate thins out as your viewers view your stories.

(Source: Statista, Rival IQ)

12. What is Instagram Story Reach Rate?

Instagram Story Reach Rate

Stories reach rate is the percentage of people who see your stories when you post them. According to research, this reach rate keeps dropping yearly, but you can't take away the fact that it is still a good marketing strategy and, therefore, shouldn't make you lose confidence.

The table below will make things more straightforward:

Followers Reach Rate 2020/2021 (In Percentage)
10k 6.2/5.4
10k -50k 5.4/3.3
50k – 200k 2.9/2.4
200k 1.5/1.2

For brands with 10k or fewer followers, the reach rate has a sharp drop for 2020/2021, compared to brands with 200k followers and above. The worst-hit are brands that have 10k – 50k. So perhaps, as a starter, you should concentrate on building your followers than diving head first into the market.

In addition, you should also focus on dishing out great content that can compete with stories on other platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and the rest of them. Incorporating interactivity in your stories, such as stickers, polls, questions, and quizzes, can also increase your reach, engagement, and retention rate.

13. What is Instagram Story Exit Rate?

Instagram Story Exit Rate

The percentage of people who quit watching your Instagram stories before they complete watching through all the contents (provided that they are more than one. In 2021, brands witnessed a 26% exit rate. For stories with only a single frame per day, there is a sharp drastic exit rate of 11% in 2021. Stories with more frames see a flat-out at the fifth frame and stables slightly through the rest of the frames.

14. How Many Completion Rates do Brands Have?

Completion rate is the view that your stories get from the first to the last. If you have a complete rate of day 50%, it means 5 of your ten frames were viewed. Brands that post their businesses on their Instagram story have a completion rate of 85%.

That's a remarkable rate, given the proximity to 100%. As a marketer, you should focus on dishing only good content on your Instagram story and not concentrate on who watches till the end or who leaves halfway.

15. What Percentage of Influencers' Marketing is done through Stories?

According to Growthoid, about 50% of influencers use Instagram Stories to carry out marketing campaigns. This means that the rest 50% is shared among Posts, Reels, Live, and other platform features. Research released by Emarketer shows that 35% use Instagram Stories for 25% of their marketing campaign.

33% of the participants said that number was about 26-50%; in other words, campaigns done through Stories by influencers are around 26-50%. 17% said 74% of ad campaigns are done through Stories, and 13% said 100% of campaigns are sent through Instagram stories.

16. How Many Users Shop Using Instagram Stories?

Users Shop Using Instagram Stories

Over 130 million users tap to view Instagram shopping tags and learn more about a product. They could proceed to view your business's mobile site and make purchases immediately. So, the easier you make your products accessible, the more customers you see trooping in using Instagram stories.

17. How Many Instagram Users Interact with Stories?

Over 26% of Instagram users say that they interact with stories posted by friends or brands by commenting or reacting. Research shows that story ad has increased interactivity and that nine out of ten beta campaign get engagements.

18. What Percentage does Instagram Story Constitute?

Instagram has other features which regular users, influencers, and brands equally use. Posts (photos and videos), Reels, Live Videos, IGTV, and Stories are some features. Amongst all these features, Instagram Stories constitute about 24.92%. That's almost 25%. Single image posts make up approximately 50.17%. This is quite understandable, given the basis on which the platform is built. Hey, 25% of the millions of daily active users is massive and something you want to look forward to.

19. How Much Engagement does IGTV Get?

IGTV was launched to post and watch videos that exceed one minute and last up to 60 minutes. The app's initial engagement rate of 0.45% in 2020 fell deeply to 0.11% in October of the same year. However, IGTV is not useless; people still watch videos on it, but if you are looking for where the bulk of the audience is, it's better to stick to Instagram Stories.


Some statistics have clearly shown that many Instagram users use Instagram Stories. So, you are left creating catchy story content to convert these people into your customers. It's refreshing to have extensive knowledge of these statistics before creating a marketing strategy to prevent loss or unmaximized ad resources.

These statistics are intended to guide you and help you make the right decisions. And yes, it is okay not to get it right the first time, so know your baby steps are part of the process. Every good thing takes time; therefore, using the Story feature to bring your business or brand to the fore requires great patience.

Take the steps one after the other, but be focused more on posting great content to help grow your account followers; the rest, as they say, will be history. Good luck on hitting the ground running!

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