Instagram Live Statistics 2022: Is IG Live effective?

Instagram is ranked fourth among other social media platforms. The photo and video-sharing app has been resourceful for brand marketers, giving them a return for their money, not leaving the fun part out.

Instagram Live Statistics

With over 1 million daily Instagram Live video users, you are guaranteed of engagement and, ultimately, patronage. But first, you have to tailor your marketing strategy to appeal to not only the demography of users but also what appeals to them.

For instance, most viewers engage in your live videos when you incorporate behind-the-scenes or questions and answers. In addition, with the introduction of Instagram live shopping, you are at liberty to leverage that to reach more audiences and put your business out there in the face of the globe.

Live streaming is one of the features that has made its mark across most social media platforms, and it's here to stay.

According to statistics, 75% of posts on Instagram don’t get visibility and impressions. So, chances are that all the time put together to come up with a nice caption for your photos could go down the drain if you don’t have a strong presence on the platform.

With the Instagram Live feature, you could reach out to more people, establish solid friendships and see users become attracted to your account. And although, unless you save your video to upload later for your followers that missed it, the video disappears after 24 hours.

If you want information about Instagram Live statistics to help you make significant decisions, search no more; this article will provide you with refined statistical details from only the best sources. Please sit back and relax, and let’s ride through the numbers.

Key Instagram Live Statistics 2022

  • There was a 70% increase in Instagram Live videos usage in 2021 compared to the preceding.
  • 13% out of social media live video viewers, 13% view Instagram videos.
  • Over 1 million Instagram users stream live video content on the platform per day.
  • Over 80% of Instagram users prefer streaming content on the platform over other forms of content
  • More than 52% of Instagram Live streamers prefer ad-supported content to subscription-based content.

Top 14 Instagram Live Statistics and facts to Know

1. What is the Most Important Element of Instagram Live Video?

Most Important Element of Instagram Live Video

About 67% of Instagram Live users identify video quality as the most critical element when watching an Instagram live video. Therefore, you should get a phone with a good camera or a digital camera with high-quality pictures to ensure your videos don't come out pixelated or blurry. Video quality can also be associated with stability. So, getting a tripod stand might come in handy, too.

2. What is Instagram's Daily Usage?

Instagram's Daily Usage

Over 500 million people use Instagram daily. This means that 1 in 8 people with a mobile internet-enabled phone uses Instagram at least once every 24 hours. Monthly active Instagram users are reported to be around 1 billion. This monthly active Instagram user base is equal to the total population of both Europe and North America combined.

Statistics showed that more than 90 percent of brands have an Instagram account, and there are reported to be around 25 million brand accounts on Instagram. According to a report, 70% of users search for brands on the platform, so when you create a business account and put your wares out there, you are screaming, “Here I am!” to them.

(Source: Backlinko)

3. How Many People Use Instagram Live Videos Daily?

The number of people who stream Instagram Live video daily stands at a whopping 1 million (we are impressed too). It means people are waiting to hop on your live videos if you put one up. You are now left to promote your business by posting exciting content and getting your followers hooked or new people to follow you.

Although you might want to warm up to them for some time by posting pictures and videos to ensure they know what product you are promoting before you think of a live session. In addition, although Instagram has not released updated statistics since 2019, this figure is likely to have increased.

4. How Many Installs does IGTV Have?

Many Installs does IGTV Have

The Instagram TV app (IGTV) now has over 7 million downloads. According to statistics, it has an engagement of 84% and is the second-largest social media platform. Research has shown that brands that use IGTV have experienced a 300% growth rate. Experts say photos with faces get almost 40% more than without faces, and posts that have at least one hashtag have 12.6% more than posts without hashtags.

(Source: ReelnReel)

5. How Many Instagram Users Watch Live Videos?

It is reported that over 47% of Instagram live video viewers watched more live videos than they did the preceding year. Brand owners understand the power of Instagram Live videos, so that’s why most of them clinch to using their channel to garner attention and ultimately patronage from users. They do this by paying influencers to do live video sessions and get their products on the faces of their followers.

As mentioned earlier in the key statistics section earlier, there has been a 70% increase in the usage of live videos in 2021 compared to the previous year. So, Instagram Live is here to stay, and it is advised you take advantage of the feature to give your business a lift.

6. What Percentage of Brands Use Instagram Live?

Percentage of Brands Use Instagram Live

Over 10% of brands now use Instagram Live by paying influencers to post creative, catchy and high-quality content to create awareness and sales for their products. Research says that Instagram users love to watch videos of brands they love or identify with. So, your products are likely to gain more audience and sales when you have established a relationship between you and your potential customers over time.

7. What is the Most Relevant Thing in A Live Video?

Most Relevant Thing in A Live Video

A sample of 67% of followers said content is the most relevant thing in a live video. As they say, content is king; therefore, if you want to stand out, you need to create great content for your viewers. Don’t run out of words to say. If you have to practice to master it, then do because you don’t want to see your followers become less interested in your bland content. You can introduce new fun stuff while you are on a video.

According to Market Scoop, a recent poll showed that 87% of respondents were interested in what is happening behind the scenes of live videos. You might want to show your viewers around to keep them hooked. Questions and answers are advised to increase the interactivity of your video. Let your viewers feel that they are a part of your business.

8. What Percentage of Teenagers Watch Live Videos?

26% of teenagers stream Instagram Live content. The analytics of Instagram has shown that more teenagers and young adults constitute a more significant percentage of the platform's total active users than other social media platforms.

Statistics show that 71% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29. There you have it, so while you are thinking of putting up, a content considers this age group and comes up with something they can't resist.

(Source: Marketing Scoop)

9. How Long do Instagram Users Spend?

Long do Instagram Users Spend

Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes on the platform. That's almost an hour. They are not spending the time idling away; they are scrolling through their Newsfeed, watching live videos, watching Reels. They're just searching for entertainment or looking out for a new product.

Many users say they do not use the platform to get information or news; they are there to have fun. Great. So, as a brand marketer, you have to just market products in their face entertainingly using the live video feature or any of the features.

10. How Many Users Like to See Video Contents?

Video contents are very powerful in converting prospective customers, that's why 54% of customers prefer to consume video content from brands and businesses they support. Brands are becoming aware of the power of this feature and are leveraging on it. There is a 53% Instagram stream or broadcast live video, and a 29% streaming daily.

11. How Many Marketers Use Instagram Live Video?

Many Marketers Use Instagram Live Video

According to MediaKix, a whopping 35% of marketers use Instagram live videos, up by 20% lower than in 2021. This could be due to the 80% of people who prefer to watch live videos than read posts on their timeline or their blogs. You can't ignore the fact that video content is more catchy and less stressful than reading a blog post.

Besides, it lets you pass your message across without much hassles, just orally marketing your brand and attracting customers.

Instagram Live video gives you some advantages. Some of which are

  • Notification

Your followers get notified when you go live on Instagram. They will get this notification on their Newsfeed. So, suppose you have a considerably large number of followers, given the preference for live video over other features. In that case, it is only a matter of time before your followers start trooping in to watch your live video to see what you have for them.

  • Broadcast Push

They do not only get notified; your live video notification is put at the top spot of their Newsfeed so that it becomes the first notification they will receive instantly or when they log onto the app.

12. What is Live Video Growth Expectations?

Live Video Growth Expectations

According to Growthoid, the growth of live video is expected to increase by 15 times its current value in 2022, given its 17% share of the whole Internet traffic. This should encourage you to focus on dishing great ad marketing, which should consequently increase your business growth according to the predicted growth of the Live features.

13. How Many Customers Tap on Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live shopping is showing your products to your viewers while you are on a live video and having them demand for them right there with their comments on your video.

About 130 million customers tap on live shopping videos every month. Including your products in your videos for your customers also increases awareness and sales. So, showing your products to their faces is advisable when you go live. Include questions and answers to increase the interactivity.

14. Where does Instagram Live Rank Among Other Live Steaming Platforms?

Instagram Live Rank Among Other Live Steaming Platforms

Instagram ranks third most-used e-commerce platform after YouTube and Facebook. You can not go wrong by using the Instagram Live feature to promote your brand or business. Given its rank amongst other live streaming platforms, it looks like an excellent place to pitch your tent.


The comprehensive data and statistics show that Instagram has a population of younger people interested in exciting and entertaining content. This is enough insight for you to tailor your content to pull this juicy audience and make them see and hear you. Or better still, get a third party, such as influencers with many followers, and pay them to promote your brand and product.

The reason you may need an influencer is to hit the ground running as soon as possible. Of course, you can build your account and create an online presence for your business all by yourself, but it will take a while before you begin gaining followers and a large number of engagements. Whichever one you choose to do, it's just fine.

It is refreshing to know that there are several strings you can pull to make a difference. Perhaps you have been thinking about how to boost your business the whole time; let these statistics guide you into making good decisions. Good luck with taking your business to the next level.

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