How to Find Someone Using their Social Security Number (SSN)

Finding someone via their social security number is possible but difficult. If you intend to get it done, then you can come in now to learn the different ways through which you can find someone using their social security number.

How to Find Someone Using their Social Security Number

There are moments when we want to find someone and we only got one piece of information about them. In some instances, we only know their name. for others, it is either we have their mobile number, email address, username for social media accounts, or just their social security number. The detail you already have will determine how easy it will be for you to find such a person. In this article, our focus is on Social Security Number (SSN). If all you have got is one's Social Security Number, you can find the person.

You need to know that it is not as easy as using one's email address or social media account. This is because of the confidentiality of SSNs. In this article, we’ll show you some of the ways you can follow to get someone provided you have their SSN. However, it is important you know that this is only allowed for legitimate reasons, and in some cases, the person might be contacted and when he declines, your search ends as you can’t get to him.

What is Social Security Number (SSN)?

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A Social Security number (SSN) is a unique identifier issued by the Social Security Administration.  It is used to determine your eligibility for social service and work. Security number is available to all U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary or working residents. The nine-digit number is a means of general identification. A Social Security number may be obtained by applying on Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Number Card. It is used basically as a means of identification in the United States.

As with other means of identification, the data of captured users is protected and not open to the public. This makes it difficult for you to access. However, with the right connections, contacts, and skills, you should be able to find someone using their SSN.

Validating and Authenticating SSN

Social Security Number

Before we move to the methods you can use to find someone using his social security number, we need to go through the validation process. you do not want to go about searching for someone using an SSN that does not even exist. There are two steps involved.

Step 1: Validation and Authenticity

Finding someone using their social security number will require you to have their number. You should understand that SSN is usually in the format of 3 numbers – 2 numbers -4 numbers. You make sure you double-check for validity and authenticity.  This step is critical because an incorrect number may result in finding the wrong person. Leading to a waste of money and time. With social security number running a background check is made easy. Although having the correct social security number does solve all finding someone so read on.

Step 2: Verification of Life

Now you know you have the correct social security number. You need to know whether the person is dead or alive. So you don’t start looking for the dead among the living. This can be done by using a simple easy-to-use social security death database. The free way to do this is by searching the social security death database.  This can be found at: free databases provide you with the list of reported dead people and their social security numbers. Once your target passes this database test you know you are on the right track. One of the unique features of the website is that it provide room for you to search with social security number.

Methods of Finding Someone via SSN

There are several methods that can be used to find someone using their SSN. The level of effectiveness depends on the method you use. But generally, the easier it is to pull a method through, the less effective that method is. the most effective method will cost you time and money as you will need third parties to pull the strings for you. Below are the popular options out there.

  • Using General Search Engines

Using General Search Engines

You might not have expected it, but search engines such as Google and Bing can reveal who someone is. But this will have to be due to the negligence of such a person. No search engine has a database of US citizens and their SSNs. However, there are a good number of Internet users that revealed their SSN numbers online. there are also dumped from hacks that are publicly available online. You can start your search from there and see how whether you will be lucky or not.

For Google, you can just type the social security number and see what you got. If the result does not make sense. Then try adding double or single quotes to both end and see what your result. You can also use the Google advance feature. Google's advanced feature gives you room to adjust the search feature to suit your need. Remember, you can only get lucky as this is not an effective way but in the case where the user’s SSN is online, you can use that as a path to finding the person.

  • Using social media

Using social media

Social media has become home to tons of information that user share. You can use Facebook by typing in the social security of number that you have and see the result you get. Most times you may get results that may lead to other information that may result in finding the person you are looking for. You can use other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. Twitter has an advanced search feature that you can use.

As in the case of using general-based search engines like Google, this method will only work if the person's SSN has been revealed either by him or someone else on the social media platform you search. without that, you will find nothing worthwhile. However, these two methods are easy to pull through and cost you nothing which makes them usually the first methods to try.

  • The Government could help you find someone

Government agencies such as the Social Security Administration Office can contact someone using their Social Security Number. You can contact the Social Security Administration Office and request to get to the person. Usually, you are not given any information about the person. Instead, your own contact details are recorded. They then contact the person and tell him of your requests. It is only when he grants the request that you’re able to meet the person.

This method will only work for those you know will want to meet you too like an old classmate, friend, or family member. If you have got issues to settle with the person, you can be sure he/she will not grant your request. And in such cases, there is nothing the Social Security Administration office can do for you. You can Call the office using +1 800-772-1213. They are available in most U.S. time zones Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. in English and other languages.

  • Using a Private Investigator

Using a Private Investigator

Essentially, if you are doing background checks on the person for employment or accommodation maybe, then you will probably want more information about them. So getting a private investigator will be the best way to go. The private investigator idea sounds nice although, it requires you to check the investigator out.  Similarly, you need to know how professional is the investigator in getting the work done. And know his cost. Because the more money you paid the investigator more likely he will get the work done. So Private Investigator will cost you more, but they will provide more information on your target.

  • Personal Digging

If you want to take the long-shot method of finding the desired person. then you can do the personal digging to find the person you want all by yourself. This would require a great deal of will and dedication. The personal digging would involve you searching through the earlier contacts of the person. Then using the contacts you get the latest transactions from his cards. The records which we can get using the SSN from the card issuing bank. This process is long and arduous, so it is not advisable to use this. But if there is no other alternative, and you need to find the person dearly then maybe some effort from your side could bring some results.

  • Formal Petition

Formal Petition

Although, Court is one of the unlikeliest of events that can occur. According to the law of the U.S.A, a written order from the court can grant the person close to the person in context to receive information about the body of the person in context. In simple words, if you need to find if the person is alive or not. Then you can appeal the court. The court, accordingly, would identify the person in context with the name and location. This is a sporadic occurrence. This is usually seen in the case of soldiers or veterans of war. The relatives or family make the appeals in dire circumstances.

  • Using a Free government lookup Records

Using a Free government lookup Records

A great place to begin SSN lookups is the Social Security Administration’s very own Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). This service portal, for use by employers and other third-party verification services, allows for the verification of a Social Security Number and its associated name against the Social Security Administration’s database. this service portal does not have all records and information associated with the social security number. The information available is a snippet. Although, It does allow the searcher to confirm, for free, whether or not the number is valid.

An important first step is to locate a person by social security number. In order to use the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS).  You need to log in and request access. The  requested access must be granted by the SSA. Similarly, Social Security offers two options to verify Social Security numbers. Which are Social Security Number Verification Service and the Consent-Based Social Security Number Verification Service.

  • Filing a Freedom of Information request (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is an Act that gives a person, group, association, or organization the right to access information from Government Agencies. This means you can seek to know the individual whose Social Security Number you have from the social security administration office. According to Social Security Administration, you need to log in before making a FOIA request. This may attract a fee.

Although on their website, The FOIA according to Social Security Administration can only be made for a dead person. And proof of death is required. They also added that if the is very old a written consent is needed. Although, from the social administrative office, there is space to apply for others. It is not clear what other represent.


On a general note, finding someone using their Social Security Number is not illegal. However, the process of finding the person or your motive of finding the person can make you step out of the legal boundaries.

First, hacking your way into government or business databases to get one’s details would be you crossing the line. There is also the issue of you finding someone for the wrong reasons.

In all, we recommend that you seek the advice of s competent legal practitioner before you proceed to find someone with their SSN.

Q. Is There a Database Online you Can Search for People with SSNs?

No, what you have online are not real. A simple Google Search for “find people using SSN” will reveal a good number of sites that promise to provide you with the details of someone by just providing them the SSN. In reality, these sites are scams.

All they want to do is get as much information and details as they need for their scam and fraud activities. There is no public database on the Internet that you can use for this kind of activity. And you should flee the moment any service promises you such.

Q. Is Finding Someone Using SSN Free?

As you can see from the above, some of the methods require you to spend money while others do not. Generally, the effective method will require you to spend and also wait (time). Take, for instance using a Private Investigator will cost you more but there are more chances you will find your subject.

On the other hand, search engine and social media searches will cost you nothing in terms of money and time – but the chances of succeeding is quite small.


In your quest to search for someone using social security number, the guide discussed above will be a great starting point. While carrying out your further research you should aware of some funny lookup systems that are available to just steal every bit of information you provide.

Similarly, you seek legal advice before venturing out. Social Security Numbers are private information that should be used by the person assigned to them.

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