How to Find Social Media Accounts by Email Address Only [Tutorial + Tools]

Do you wish to contact an old acquaintance, business partner, or future client on a social platform but you don't know their username? The work is simple if you already have their email. Come in now to find out how.

How to Find Social Media Accounts by Email Address Only

Social media's ability to link us with people no matter where they are is one of its advantages. This technical advance is essential to our social interactions and connectivity in the twenty-first century. Therefore, social media is essential to our daily interactions.

Social media has an amazing way of helping us feel in contact with friends, relatives, and co-workers who are far away, despite not being a real or true venue for meetings. One of the digital methods of messaging people is via email. You possibly might have been exchanging tons of emails with an individual without having an idea of how they look or what else they do.

All thanks to social media. Now, you can look up people in the media space only by using their email addresses.  Let’s say you have an appointment to meet someone who you have been exchanging emails with. It will be a great idea if you have an idea of their personality. That heads-up will be a piece of leading information on what to say or do.

In fact, you might learn something about someone from their social media account that you wouldn't learn from them otherwise. The question then becomes, “How do you find a social media account with an email address?”

Searching for Social Media Accounts with Email

It is possible to find social media accounts by searching for an email address, but it depends on a few factors.

Firstly, the social media platforms the individual is using must have an email address associated with the account. Not all social media platforms require an email address to create an account, and some individuals may use a different email address than the one you are searching for.

Secondly, the privacy settings of the social media accounts may impact whether or not you can find them by searching for an email address. If the account owner has set their account to private or limited the information that can be seen by non-connections, you may not be able to find the account by searching for an email address.

There are online tools and search engines that can help you to find social media accounts associated with an email address. However, it's important to keep in mind that these tools are not always accurate and may not provide a comprehensive list of social media accounts associated with a particular email address. Additionally, using such tools without the individual's consent may be a violation of their privacy.

It's normal practice to find somebody online by utilizing their email address to search for social media accounts. You merely need to type the email address into the search field on the social network search engine you are using to complete the procedure, which is straightforward.

However, the likelihood of successfully locating the right account depends on a number of variables, including the user's privacy settings, the volume of information they have shared online, and the data they have connected to their account.

For instance, Facebook enables account searches using email addresses, and this is frequently the initial step in an online search for a person. It's also possible to search for accounts on Twitter using an email address, although it's a little trickier because Twitter's search results aren't as comprehensive as Facebook's.

Furthermore, utilizing an email address to search for a social network account can be a helpful method of discovering someone online. The ideal tool to employ for this task will then interest you. That will be covered in this article shortly.


Social media accounts using emails limitations

Finding social media accounts using emails has several limitations. Some of the limitations include:

  • Privacy Options

Many social media sites feature privacy settings that let users limit the availability of their personal information and keep their profiles hidden from search engines. Because of this, finding someone's social network profile with just their email address might be challenging.

Information that needs to be completed or updated. It may be challenging to precisely match an email address with a social media account if the information that goes with it needs to be completed or updated.

  • Multiple Accounts

It might be challenging to identify which social media account is linked to which email address when a person has multiple email addresses and accounts.

  • Email Address Changes

People may change their email addresses, and their social media accounts may not be updated with their new information.

  • Non-Existent Accounts

An email address may not be associated with a social media account at all.

Some countries have laws that protect the privacy of individuals and restrict the use of personal information, including email addresses, for finding social media accounts.

Lastly, locating social media accounts with emails can be difficult, and a number of variables may constrain the accuracy of the results.

Top 3 Tools for Searching Media Accounts with Email

Undoubtedly, there are many tools that can be used to hunt up social media accounts using email point data. However, they outperform the other in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. While some are generalists, others excel at using certain niche social media platforms. The top 3 tools for gaining access to a social media account using an email address are listed below.

1. Lullar – Overall Best Tool to Search for Social Media Accounts with Email

Lullar Tool

By entering an email address, Lullar is a valuable application that enables you to search for social network accounts. It explores the web for any social media accounts that are connected to the email address or share similar keywords or names. This tool is frequently called a “mini-Goggle.” This is so because its algorithm mimics that of Google, the most widely used search engine.

As a result, it is determined to be the best overall tool for searching for social network accounts using email addresses. Similarly, it is a free internet application. In addition to being free, the tool has another quality that sets it apart from its competitors: speed. As a general-purpose tool, Lullar gathers all social media profiles with names or tags that are comparable to the terms in the email.

2. Rapportive – Best Tool to Search for LinkedIn Account with Email

rapportive tool

Do you frequently use LinkedIn as a professional? You need to be aware that the platform gives people a chance to display their skills and knowledge. So, if you want to learn more about a potential client's online identity, just ask for their email. You can use Rapportive to locate their LinkedIn social media profile. Despite being able to do so on a few other platforms, LinkedIn is the best platform at which Rapportive extracts social media profiles.

For those who require a specialized tool to extract social network profiles with email, this makes it a good tool. Rapportive concentrates more on LinkedIn Profiles than Lullar, which searches the entire internet for any media account with a comparable term in the email. The program functions with your browser as an extension.

3. Full Contact – Best API for Searching for Social Media Account with Email

Full Contact tool

Here is yet another intriguing tool that you can use to search for a social media handle using an email address. A software called Full Contact contains a sizable and diverse database that is connected to the internet. With the help of the Full Contact API, you can search for social media accounts using both contact information and email addresses in addition to email addresses. Although it has a broad range of applications as an API, its power in connecting email addresses to Twitter accounts is greater.

You should be aware that Full Contact is used in a more technical manner than Lullar and Rapportive. This makes perfect sense. This is due to the fact that it is an API and is best utilized by those who are well-versed in programming techniques. Simply put, Full Contact will be a little difficult for a beginning programmer to use. Furthermore, in contrast to the earlier tools, this service is charged.

How to Use Lullar for Finding Social Media Accounts Through Email

Using an email address, you can find social media profiles using the free web tool Lullar. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in the email address or username you want to search for.

Step 3: Click on the “Search” button.

Use Lullar for Finding Social Media Accounts Through Email

A list of potential social media profiles that match the email address and username you submitted will be produced by Lullar. To determine whether the social media accounts listed under the links belong to the person you are looking for, then you can click on them.

You can connect with the person you're looking for or learn more about them if you come across their social media account. It's vital to keep in mind, though, that Lullar might not be able to identify all social media profiles connected to a specific email address.

FAQs About Finding Social Media Accounts with Email

Q. Why Use Email to Find Social Media Accounts?

Most social media platforms require an email address as one of your most important personal details. So an email is always a requirement when opening social media accounts. Simply put, this indicates that the accounts are connected to the emails. All information made available on this media account can be linked back to the email as a result.

Without a doubt, we can assert that email can act as a point of contact for those social media profiles. Emails are typically formal and public information. As a result, clients who only transact with you in writing might not provide you access to their social network handles or user identities. But thanks to the emails, you can proceed without issue.

Q. How Effective is Finding Social Media Accounts with Email?

Emails can be used to find social media profiles, but results may vary. You may look for profiles on some social media sites using email addresses and not on others. Even when a platform does support email searches, the outcomes might not always be precise or current since users might have altered the email address linked to their social network profile or might use numerous email addresses for various purposes.

Even if a profile is linked to the email in question, privacy settings can still affect how visible it is. Last but not least, locating social media profiles using email addresses can occasionally be successful but is not always dependable and may not yield the required outcomes.

Based on local laws and the terms of service of social media sites, different countries have different regulations regarding the legality of checking social media accounts using email addresses. In general, accessing another person's social media account with the intent to stalk them is prohibited and may result in legal trouble.

However, you can be allowed to use the email address and other details to access their social media account if you received them lawfully and with the owner's permission.


Finally, locating social media accounts through email addresses can be a useful tool for both personal and business reasons. Reverse email lookups and social media search engines are just a few of the techniques covered in this piece that can be used to find someone's social media profiles and establish more meaningful connections with them.

Though not all information is easily accessible, it's necessary to respect people's privacy and to only use this information for morally and legally acceptable purposes. The ability to locate anyone's social media sites using only their email address makes it simpler to strengthen your online relationship and make connections.

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