How to Create Amazon Buyer Accounts Safely? (Still Work in 2024)

Are you looking forward to creating multiple Amazon buyers' accounts for your marketing campaign on Amazon? We would be showing you how to get that done in the article below.

Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts Creation

Amazon basically has two types of accounts, and each differs in terms of what is allowed and what is not. For seller account, Amazon permits you to only have one account, and if you need another, you will need to apply for an exemption from the rule.

On the other hand, you are allowed to have the number of Amazon buyer accounts you want with no restriction, but there is a caveat, and that is why those than want to create multiple buyers account for their marketing campaign look for the best way to create them. In this article, we would be showing our readers how to create multiple buyers accounts.

Before going into the article proper, let me stress the fact that except you want to create a lot of buyer accounts, you are better off buying already made buyers accounts that already have purchase history. This is because these accounts have already earned for themselves trust, and anything you do with them will be put unless less scrutiny than accounts you just created.

However, if you want to have full control and create a lot of accounts, then you can go ahead and follow the guide in the article. Creating yours has the advantage of ensuring the highest quality possible – you only have to be ready to do the work.

Essential Tools to Create Amazon Buyer Accounts
  • 1. An anti-fingerprint Amazon automation tool for creating accounts Such as PVA Creator
  • 2. Proxies to hide your IP footprint on Amazon

Disclaimer: The article to reveal some dark truths that shows how others create multiple PayPal accounts, In fact, we never encourage you to do that, for it’s breaking Amazon user agreement policy, So take note your actions are your responsibility when do that, that’s noted on our “Disclaimer“.

What are Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts and Why Create Them?

Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

Multiple Amazon buyer accounts are buyer accounts managed by a person or a group of persons because of certain reasons. One thing you will need to know is that just creating these accounts isn’t a problem as buyers have the privileges that sellers do not since they bring money to the platform, and their ill-fated actions aren’t as detrimental to the platform as that of sellers.

If you are to visit Internet marketing forums, you will be surprised at the number of Amazon marketers that are looking into creating their own multiple buyers account or even buying old ones with some purchase history.

Now you might be asking why you would need them or even create them. the answer is simple, if you are a buyer on Amazon, you do not even need to bother yourself with creating multiple buyer accounts as they are of no use to you. Multiple Amazon buyer accounts are created by sellers on Amazon.

They are required for adding reviews to products so as to give other buyers a good impression about the products. You will agree with me that many buyers read other buyers' reviews before making a purchase. If you can have control over some of the initial reviews on your product, then there is a chance of such a product getting actual buyers since there is a perceived trust in the product.

Can I Have Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

Amazon does not see any wrong in you having multiple buyer accounts. In fact, there is no limit to the number of buyer accounts you can have on Amazon, and as such, you can have as many as you want. However, for each account, you will need a separate email address and phone number. This is not even considered as the major.

That Amazon allows you to create multiple buyer accounts does not mean you will succeed in using them for the tasks you want – writing reviews for your product. If Amazon detects that your multiple accounts have been created just for adding reviews, then they would be suspended and reviews removed. If you do not want that to happen, then follow our guide judiciously.

Requirements for Creating Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

If you want to create multiple Amazon buyers account, there are some requirements you need to have in place so that the created accounts cannot be linked together, and as such, you can use them for posting reviews without getting them blocked. Let take a look at some of these requirements.

  • PVA Creator

PVA creator Homepage

The PVA Creator application is an automation tool developed for creating multiple/bulk verified accounts of social media platforms. The tool integrates techniques to bypass anti-bot systems and keep each account created in a separate environment so that they cannot be linked.

The tool is paid, and you can purchase it from the PVA Creator website. The PVA Creator application needs 2Captcha solver for solving Captcha, and as such, you should get a license key for that too.

  • Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

The PVA creator application requires you to configure proxies in other to create multiple accounts. This is because without proxies, the accounts will share the same IP footprint, and that would be used by Amazon to detect your multiple accounts.

With proxies, each account would have a unique IP address. We recommend residential proxies as Amazon can detect datacenter proxies. Smartproxy is our provider of choice if you want to create Amazon buyer accounts. You can get started with $75.

Multiple Gmail Accounts

Amazon requires either an email address or phone number for account creation and verification. In this guide, we would be using email for verification, and Gmail is the provider of choice. Gmail does not have a specific limit to the number of Gmail accounts you can create, and you can even link many accounts with one phone number.

This means that you can just create Gmail accounts. However, if you need too many accounts, you will need to create the accounts in a smart way; else, Gmail would flag your accounts as spam if you have too many accounts too quickly in the conventional way. Read our guide on how to create multiple Gmail accounts.

Step by Step to Create Multiple Amazon Buyers Accounts

This section will describe the procedures to follow in other to create multiple Amazon accounts. Before you proceed, make you have all of the requirements described above as only then would you be able to follow the guide.

  • Launch the PVA Creator application and familiarize yourself with the environment. You should see a menu bar and campaign section after you have provided your authentication details.
  • The first thing to do is to add proxies you bought. You can use any residential proxy provider. In this guide, we recommend you use Smartproxy because of its proxy list generator tool. Purchase any of their packages and use the proxy list generator to generate a list of proxies and export it as txt. Here is a guide on how to generate a proxy list from Smartproxy.
  • Smartproxy also provides a PVA Creator integration guide. Read this article to learn how to add their proxies to the PVA Creator application.

configure proxies

  • Go to the campaign section and click on the Amazon link, then the green colored plus sign to create a new campaign. Give the campaign a name, and then enter the number of accounts you want to create and click on the Next button.
  • You will be taken to the section to bind proxies. Since you have already added proxies earlier, all you have to do is bid them with the campaign.

setting proxies

  • Go to the next section, where you can add the username and password pairs for the accounts. You can use the random data function to create random passwords for the accounts.
  • Click on the Next button, and you would be taken to where you will enter your 2Caotcha API key.
  • The next thing to do after adding the 2Captcha API key is to add the email addresses you want to associate with each of the accounts. For each of the emails, add the email address, password, server, port, protocol, and SSL. For Gmail, the server is, the port is 933, the protocol is IMAP, and SSL is YES.
  • When you are done filling in the required detail, you will be shown the full data you enter. Cross-check it, and after everything is correct, you can click on the start button. You would see the tool starts creating the account one after the order. This is done by starting a browser and automating it to create the account.

If you followed all of the procedures, your account would be created successfully. One thing you will observe from the whole process of creating the accounts is that a regular browser is used, and each account is created in a new and fresh browser environment – it even allows you to configure browser fingerprints. With this, you should have accounts that are neither linked by IP address, cookies, or any browser object or data.


From the above, you can see that the process of creating Amazon buyer accounts requires money, and as such, if you are trying to create yours in a bid to save money, then you will be disappointed and discover that creating yours. This is especially true if you are creating just a handful of accounts is less economical. If you only need a few accounts, buying already-made accounts is the best decision.

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