How to Bypass ReCAPTCHA: 5 Effective Tips

Is the reCaptcha service blocking you from carrying out your tasks online? We know it can be frustrating, and we have written an article for you below to show you to bypass reCaptcha while carrying out your tasks online.


What better way can web services tell you’re a bot than forcing you to carry out certain tasks that bots might find difficult to carry out? This is the whole idea behind CAPTCHA, which is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

They basically keep bots away from web platforms and frustrate bot developers. However, not all CAPTCHA is effective at stopping bots. With basic skills in computer video and image recognition, you should be able to bypass many of the CAPTCHAs out there.

However, this does not hold true for all CAPTCHAs. The ReCAPTCHA service is one of the most difficult-to-bypass Captcha services out there. In fact, many solvers out there actually make use of human workers whom they pay to solve the captchas for them. So as a heavy user of the Internet.

Bot developer, or Internet marketer getting blocked by ReCAPTCHA, what is the best way for you to bypass the test? In this article, we will highlight to you the best ways to bypass ReCAPTCHA easily.

What is ReCAPTCHA?

Why Am I Seeing ReCaptcha

ReCAPTCHA is a free web service that provides protection against bots, spam, and abuse for websites. The web as it is today is bedeviled by bots and spam, and the ReCAPTCHA service is here to protect it against them. ReCAPTCHA is one of the numerous CAPTCHA services out there.

What makes this unique is how effective it is against bots while being easy on humans. This service was started in 2007 before being handed over to Google in 2009. Over the years, it has grown into becoming one of the greatest threats to bots.

The service has launched the No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA. With this, regular users with no suspicious activities will not have to deal with Captchas. However, if there is any spam or bot suspicion, a user will be forced to solve CAPTCHA before proceeding.

For website owners, ReCAPTCHA provides state-of-the-art security by keeping spam and abuse from their platform while being easy to install.

How Does ReCAPTCHA Works?

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The ReCAPTCHA service might look quite simple. But under the hood, it is one of the complex and most advanced CAPTCHA services available. This service uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep bots away. But how it does this is what makes it interesting and lethal to bots.

Without suspicion, you wouldn’t even need to click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox. It monitors your activities and behavior, such as mouse movements, clicks, how you fill forms, how fast you send web requests, and even your browser fingerprint.

In the event of suspicion, you are forced to solve a CAPTCHA. However, this is where things get interesting. Google ReCAPTCHA will keep a tab on your behavior before, during, and after solving the CAPTCHA to determine if you are a bot.

So for ReCAPTCHA, solving it is not enough as you are still been trailed. This advanced tracking system by Google and how easy it is on legitimate users while being hard on bots to make it the favorite CAPTCHA service for protecting websites.

Why am I Seeing ReCaptcha?


Before we show you how to bypass ReCAPTCHA, it is important you know what triggers them. This will enable you to know what the culprit is. Even though you cannot stop them entirely, knowing what triggers them will minimize their occurrence when carrying out your automation tasks.

  • Unusually Traffic

The number one thing that triggers ReCAPTCHA is unusual traffic. This term can mean anything. This can be a web service getting too many requests from the same IP address. Humans can’t operate at the level machines do, and as such, if a server gets too many requests, it will assume the requests are from a bot and try to force the source to solve the captcha.

It could also be because the IP address you are using has a high spam score, as in the case of abused IPs or IPs from data centers. This is the reason VPN users get to solve a lot of captchas even though they are not carrying out any form of automation.

  • Suspicious Browser Fingerprint

Bot developers spoof a lot of their browser parameters in a bid to hide their activities. However, this almost always gets done in the wrong way. This is because of the inconsistencies as a result of the complex nature of web browser engines and underlying hardware.

Inconsistencies in your browser fingerprint are suspicious to spam systems, and the ReCAPTCHA engine will force you to solve the captcha before you are allowed to keep accessing the service.

Google has a lot of usage data of Internet users, and it has what it terms as normal and what is abnormal. Websites that have ReCAPTCHA installed has it working in the background, watching your behavior on the site. This is what makes ReCAPTCHA quite lethal compared to other captcha systems. Even after solving the captcha thrown at you, if your behavior on the site is usually compared to how humans will use a site, then you will be forced to solve captcha again.

Some bot developers try to fight against this by triggering certain human-like actions like clicking buttons, moving the mouse, and scrolling on pages to give their activities human touches so that they will be allowed to pass. This also, when not done right, will lead to you being forced to solve captcha.

Methods to Bypass ReCAPTCHA

If you have been blocked by ReCAPTCHA in the past, you sure know how effective it is at protecting websites from bots. But does that mean it can’t be bypassed? As with other restrictions online, ReCAPTCHA can easily be bypassed with the right skills, tools, and techniques. In this section of the article, we will be taking a look at how to bypass ReCAPTCHA.

1. Use a ReCAPTCHA Solving Service

Use a ReCAPTCHA Solving Service

The most obvious way to bypass Recaptcha is to solve it. However, solving ReCAPTCHA does not comes easy. There are a good number of bot developers that code captcha solvers for solving simpler captchas.

However, ReCAPTCHA is not in the league of captchas you can use programmatically. You can’t use computer vision to detect and solve them correctly, and as such, you will have to make use of captcha-solving services to solve them.

2Captcha and DeathByCaptcha are some of the top captcha-solving services that you can use to solve Google’s ReCAPTCHA. These services do not solve the captchas programmatically as it is nearly impossible to do that with high accuracy. Instead, they make use of human workers that will recognize the image or characters.

How this work is simple. You send them the image programmatically, and they assign it to a worker. The worker solves it and sends you the value to provide. All of these will be done without you getting involved. However, you will have to pay for it.

2. Sign Into your Google Account

The more you are able to prove to Google that you are a legitimate user and not a random bot, the less you trigger ReCAPTCHA from even occurring. One of the ways you can keep ReCAPTCHA from showing up for you to solve is to log into a Google account.

ReCAPTCHA is owned by Google, and bots are not known to sign into Google. Not even when they are not directly accessing a Google service. If you log into a Google account with some form of trust, then you can keep ReCAPTCHA away, provided your behavior is not suspicious.

But isn’t staying logged in an avenue to better track and block you? This method should mostly be used by regular Internet users that keep getting ReCAPTCHA triggered since there is no automation involved. Google does offer a privacy option that you can set up to safeguard your privacy while staying logged in.

One of the ways to prevent Google from tracking is by sending a “Do Not Track” request. You can also turn off sync. It is also important you delete your activities on Google once in a while. With all of these, you are able to stay logged in while giving Google less allowance for tracking you.

3. Using Undetectable Automation Browsers

Using Undetectable Automation Browsers

Automation browsers or browser automation tools like Selenium and Puppeteer have opened a lot of opportunities for bot developers. With them, you can access websites that depend on Javascript execution to function and render properly. While this is true, there is a catch — these browsers are easy to detect.

Take, Selenium is notorious in this regard as the likes of ReCAPTCHA, Datadome, and Cloudflare detect it. If. Website is protected by any of these systems; then you can use the undetected_chromedriver on Github to bypass it. However, it is important you know that this library only works for automating Chrome.

For other browsers or other browser automating tools like Puppeteer and Playwright, you will need to make use of an antidetect browser. There are a good number of antidetect browsers out there that you can use for web automation that will help you bypass Captchas without you working about them, including ReCAPTCHA.

Some of these include Multilogin, GoLogin, AdsPower, and Incogniton. There is also a new automation browser known as Nimble Browser that you can use to avoid triggering ReCAPTCHA. All of these tools are paid except for the undetected_chromedriver for Selenium.

4. Use a Web Scraping API

Web Scraping API

This method of bypassing ReCAPTCHA is only for web scrapers. If you want to extract data from the web and keep getting blocked by ReCAPTCHA, then a web scraping API will get the job done for you. Web scraping APIs are APIs that help you scrape the web without getting blocked. They take care of proxies, headless browsers, and captchas.

In other words, web scraping APIs take care of all of the problems associated with web scraping. And the way they work is simple. You send a simple API request with your target URLas parameters and get back the page HTML or JSON as a response.

However, if you want to avoid Google ReCAPTCHA, then you need to be wary of the web scraping API you use. This is because ReCAPTCHA is not just any captcha service — it is one of the most difficult to solve. Not all web scraping APIs can bypass the ReCAPTCHA system, especially the really cheap ones.

As per recommendations, you can use ScraperAPI, ScrapingBee, Crawlbase, or WebScrapingAPI. These are the services I have used, and they have proven to be quite effective as far as bypassing ReCAPTCHA is concerned.

5. Use Residential Proxies

Use Residential Proxies

The power of bots lies in the fact that they can send many requests within s short period of time. This will help you get your tasks done fast. However, while this is a plus for you, it can be a weakness, especially in the face of anti-bot systems.

Too many requests are unnaturally for humans and only possible for bots. ReCAPTCHA will be triggered if a server gets too many requests from the same IP address. The way around this is by using high-quality residential proxies.

Residential proxies use IP addresses assigned by ISPs and used by real Internet users. These are less likely to be flagged as spam. Datacenter proxies are not a good choice as IP addresses from data centers are not natural compared to what is obtainable from residential proxies.

There are a good number of residential proxies you can use to bypass ReCAPTCHA. Bright Data, Smartproxy, and Soax are some of the best residential proxies out there. With proxies, you are also advised to set random delays between requests to avoid being too aggressive.

FAQs About Bypass ReCAPTCHA

Q. Can ReCAPTCHA Be Disabled?

The ReCAPTCHA service is a tool set up by website admins, and only they can disable it, and the website will still function the way it should. One will think disabling Javascript will help bypass ReCAPTCHA. The reality is; you will fail. Websites that depend on them will not function without Javascript enabled.

The only two options you have is to avoid triggering the ReCAPTCHA tool and, if it is triggered, is to solve it. In many cases, ReCAPTCHA will even be under the radar without you knowing unless it is triggered.

The ReCAPTCHA service is incredibly useful to websites as it keeps the bad guys away. But what happens if you try to bypass the system? Will you be doing something illegal? While websites have them in place for their own protection, bypassing them is not illegal.

What is illegal is what you do after you bypass them. If you bypass ReCAPTCHA to extract data from publicly available data on web pages, then that is legal in most cases. However, bypassing ReCAPTCHA to carryout DDoS attacks is illegal and could land you in legal trouble.

Q. Will Residential Proxies Stop ReCAPTCHA?

The simple answer to this is; it depends. If you take a look at the website of many residential proxy providers, you will see the claim of their proxies being effective at ReCAPTCHA.

Sure, the legitimacy of the IPs they offer will result in less suspicion. But that is only true if you get the other aspects correctly. Your IP address is only a part of the puzzle used to track your activities. If other aspects are gotten right, too, then you are good to go.


There is no doubt that the ReCAPTCHA is quite effective at keeping bots away. While this is good for web owners, it can be frustrating to bot developers, and as such, there is a quest to bypass it.

If you are one of the developers looking for ways to bypass it, the methods described above are some of the ways to bypass the ReCAPTCHA on websites it is encountered.

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