Fueltok Review 2022: *Is it Safe, Legit or a Scam* Does Fueltok Actually Work? (Pros + Cons)

Are you planning on using Fueltok to automate your TikTok account in other to grow your audience and engagement level? Before doing that, I will advise you to read our review in other to know the pros and cons of using Fueltok for your TikTok automation.

Fueltok Preview

Fueltok Overview

A TikTok account with a large audience and engagement level is a moneymaker for its owner. However, getting an account to a level where it will start making you money is easier said than done. You will need to post interesting content, follow the right page, and market your content aggressively. If you have a big budget, you can hire experts to get that done for you in the shortest time possible.

However, if you do not have the budget, you will need some patience or get a TikTok bot to do the repetitive tasks for you. The Fueltok service is one of the TikTok bots out there used by TikTokkers to grow their accounts on autopilot. In this article, we would be reviewing the Fueltok service.

Fueltok Overview

Fueltok prides itself to be the best bot that will make you famous on TikTok. It will help you automate likes, views, and follows. The team behind the service is the same team behind the Fuelgram service that was forcefully shut down by Instagram so, the tool has got an experienced team behind it.

If you take a look at their website, you will see claims such as 2.99 million followers delivered, 11.99K happy clients, and 3.35K became famous through them. All of these claims are unverifiable to us and we refuse to take their word for it and that is the basis for doing deep research into the service and writing a review for you so you do not go through the process we went through.

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Fueltok Pros

We would be starting the review by looking at some of the reasons you will want to make use of the service.

Fueltok is Available as an Online Tool

The platform supported by a TikTok bot would determine whether a particular user would want to make use of it or not. A good number of the bots in the market are not cross-platform and developed only for the Windows platform — forcing users of other operating systems to go through some techniques to get them to work on their computer.

In the case of Fueltok, you do not need to install any software in other to make use of their service. The tool has been developed to be web-based which means that you can use any web browser to access it, making it available for a wide range of audiences as opposed to installable applications available only to users of selected operating systems.

One advantage of being a web-based tool that installable applications won’t give you is that it is available 24/7 and you d not have to think of keeping your computer ON. However, this does not mean you should keep the bot working 24/7. If you do that, you can be assured you will lose your account and that wouldn’t be Fueltok fault — it would be completely your own doing as you have control over when and how you want the TikTok bot to work.

Specifically Made for TikTok Automation

fueltok TikTok Automation

The Fueltok service is only made for TikTok automation. To many, this is enough to shove it off and look for an alternative as there are many bots in the market that you can use for automatic your tasks across many social media platforms as in the case of Jarvee, ASB bot, and even Socinator. Why then should Fueltok be available only for TikTok?

One thing you need to know about this is that being a one social media automation platform, Fueltok is more specialized in its approach and this comes with some advantages ranging from being better than many of the multiple social media platform bots. When there is an update, the developers can quickly detect the updates and make changes without jeopardizing the safety of your accounts.

Another feature that adds to this regular update that I find worthy of notice is it being a cloud-based tool. As a cloud-based tool, you do not need to frequently install the application as updates are made and you can access the updates in real-time as they are pushed to users. While the pricing of Fueltok can be said to be cheap, it being specialized and meant only for TikTok has put it in a position as one of the best when it comes to TikTok automation as its developers can focus on it without having an undivided attention monitoring more than one social media platform.

Offers a TikTok Growth Service

Look Service for Fueltok

It might interest you to know that when it comes to the Fueltok service, you have two options available to you. If you are technical enough and want to soil your hand to have more control over the activities on your accounts, then you can make use of the Fueltok bot provided for TikTok automation. However, there is another service you can get from Fueltok which I rightly call a growth service even though they didn’t give it such a name.

If you take a look at the Fueltok website, you can see that aside from the bot which you can use to get more followers, likes, and views on your videos, they also sell followers, views, and like which you can buy individually. However, while this can work out, it is best you learn how to use the TikTok bot and get more control over the quality of followers than leave it in the hands of their growth service.

Fast Customer Support Team

Customer support of Fueltok

No matter how perfect a software seems to be, its users would be in a situation where they would need help or enquire about how to use it. For many of the social media automation tools out there, the team behind them is quite small and as such, do not even have a dedicated support team you can always reach anytime you have a need.

The Fueltok service also has a fairly small team. However, when it comes to customer support, you can reach them and get a swift response. The service has support for live chat which makes it possible for customers to get help and get their inquiries responded to in real-time. There is a catch though, the live chat support is not 24/7 available — but once you meet any of the team, you should get a swift response.

Free Trial and A per Case Refund Policy

People are always hesitating to use a new service probably because of a bad experience in the past or a narrative as they wouldn’t want to lose their hard-earned money. For this reason, some of the websites offer a free trial for new users to test out the service and make sure the service work for them before making a monetary commitment.

However, some do not as fraud case in this regard is on the high side. Fueltok is one of the TikTok automation services that allow you to make use of its service for free. As a new user, you are allowed to make use of the Fueltok bot for 7 days without making a dime — your payment method/ credit card is not also requested at this point until you are done with the free trial.

Refund and Cancelation Policy for Fueltok

Looking at the term of service page, you will see that the service does not offer a refund to everyone that requests it. That is why it is advisable to make use of the free trial and make sure the tool is what you want before making payment as you would most likely not get your money back. However, if you have a special case, then you can get either a full or partial refund depending on your case.

Fueltok Cons

There is no doubt that the Fueltok service works and has helped a good number of TikTok users grow their accounts to the level they want. However, the tool is not the tool for everyone as it has its own downsides just like the other TikTok bots in the market. Below are some of the cons of the Fueltok service.

Fueltok is Considered Expensive

Pricing is one of the most important factors that shape the purchase decision of many marketers especially the small marketers that have a tight limited budget and can’t afford to spend huge on a TikTok bot. For this reason, social media marketers would only use a bot they can afford. In this regard, Fueltok has proven to be the tool only for those that can afford it — and not everyone can.

The price for Fueltok starts at €29 monthly. If you can pay for 3 months, the price per account would be €26 and when you pay for 6 months, it would come down to €23. However, this is still considered expensive as the pricing is per account. If you own one account you want to automate, this might not be a problem for you even though there are cheaper options in the market. However, the real problem arises in situations when you want to automate more than one as the cost can quickly add up.

Price of Fueltok

Taking a look at their growth service where you can buy likes, views, and followers, the same can also be said in terms of pricing. Take, for install, the price for 1K likes for their one-time purchase done for you service is €12.99. If you want 500 followers, you will have to pay €9.99. for their TikTok views pricing, it starts at €7.99 for 2500 views. Looking at all of these, there is no denying that the Fueltok service is expensive.

Does Not Have Support for Scheduling Posts

One other feature that the Fueltok does not support that many of its users would love to see is the ability to schedule posts. We are not always online and automation tools, especially the ones running on the cloud, are supposed to help us post our videos and content at the appropriate time since, on TikTok, timing is everything if you want your audience to interact and engage with your content. One of the reasons I feel the bot is overpriced is also because of the lack of this feature.

Does Fueltok Work?

The Fueltok bot worked for us at the time we used it. However, we do not actively use it to ascertain the true nature of the offering as per a long-term user. However, from the reviews we see on Trustpilot, there is some kind of mixed feelings. While the bot worked for some people, it does not work for others. There are even some claims that the bot gets accounts banned — even though we didn’t experience it.

Do I Recommend Fueltok?

With the short summary above, you should know that the TikTok bot works — and does not. We do not have adequate information on why the bot didn’t work for those that it didn’t work for. In our own case, it worked when we used it for the test.

It is important you learn TikTok automation including all of the dos and don’ts before using a bot to avoid getting blocked. Fueltok does not require proxies. While we want to recommend this service to you, we would advise you to make use of the free trial and only make payment when you have a good experience with it.

Our Expert's Review
  • Automation Performance - 9.5/10
  • Growth Service - 8.9/10
  • Bot Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 8.5/10

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