10 FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites in 2023

Finding out the unknown caller you just spoke with or that just called you is important and reverse phone lookup tools are some of the best tools for that. Come in now and discover the best free reverse phone lookup sites you can use.

FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Overview of Top Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

  • TruthFinderOverall Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Site
  • InteliusBest Reverse Phone Lookup Site with User Friendly Interface
  • US SearchBest Phone Lookup Site for Finding Email Addresses
  • WhoCallMeBest with Several Methods of Tracing Number
  • TrueCallerBest Reverse Phone Lookup App for Mobile Device

10 Best FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

One interesting thing about a mobile phone is that you can get in touch with people irrespective of their location and the same goes when others want to get in touch with you. However, what is not exciting is when these calls are from unknown callers with unpleasant explicit motives. With the advent of the internet and how its evolvement has given rise to malicious activities online, mobile phones are often the target for several hackers.

Hence why the use of reverse phone lookup sites becomes crucial. The aforementioned are sites and apps where you can easily gain access to the hidden truth, details, and information behind that caller that keeps dialing you up with unknown visibility.

These sites have massive databases that cover all contact so long as that number has gone public. All information about the said number, the activities it has been used for, criminal details, social platforms, email addresses, and more including the individual having the contact will be disclosed.

You can never tell who is masking that frequent call that borders your privacy until the right identity is revealed. So, is there any site where you can use this reverse phone lookup for free? Of course, and there are tons of them out there. Below are the top 10 free reverse phone lookup sites.

1. TruthFinder — Overall Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Site

TruthFinder Overview

First in line is TruthFinder. This site is highly rated by its users and one commendable thing about it is that it has an app you can easily download from the App store or Play store if you don’t want to access the site directly. Unlike other sites, it carries out an entire background check of the precise phone in which your interest lies regardless of your search intent.

Be it the individual social platform, criminal record, or precise location, just name it, it’s worthwhile. What you will come to like with using TruthFinder is that you can search people by state. It has a wide range of databases and location coverage. Also, the interface to access is another thing to be given credit for as it is user-friendly with dependable and correct information.

2. Intelius — Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site with User Friendly Interface

Intelius Overview

Intelius is another reverse phone lookup site you can depend on. Since it came into existence in 2003 it has evolved greatly to the height that suits user preference. With over 20 million public data in-house, it can provide information on any phone contact of your choice and other necessary personal details. Intelius has some likeness to TruthFinder in the sense that it is easy to use and has a flexible user interface.

One uniqueness this reverse phone lookup site has is that you can run lookup details for multiple numbers simultaneously. Data encryption and privacy are fine features that come with this site as well, and as a result, anonymity is something to be enjoyed. Hence, the person you are checking its details does not know what is going on. in addition, all the details that users need to carry out their search are frequently undated.

3. US Search — Best Phone Lookup Site for Finding Email Addresses

US Search Overview

US Search is an old name when it comes to free reverse lookup sites. What is required here is just for you to sign up and gain access. Target searches are done in three phases, either by name, phone, or email address. However, the effectiveness of email addresses is more recommended because it gives room to retrieve more information about the individual. Just like Intelius, the information about the phone details you are looking for is up-to-date.

Therefore, when your search is successful, it brings out all the information you desire and has sent requests with recency. What will interest you with this site is that unlike some that require you to open several tabs to retrieve information differently, US Search allows you to get these individual details in a single search page.

4. Instant Checkmate — Best Alternative for TruthFinder

Instant Checkmate Overview

If you are looking for a reverse phone lookup site with clear and simplified information, Instant Checkmate will be worth your time. This site is encrypted with set rules to avoid any unauthorized access to your information while you are in the lane of looking up other users’ details. Instant Checkmate is very flexible and enables you to carry out background searches that will yield instant results, hence why it is the best alternative for TruthFinder.

Unlike other sites, data collected can easily be downloaded in a single PDF format. There is 24/7 customer support service, which has resulted in over 70,000 5-star reviews from users. One of the downsides of this site is that it has a limited public record in comparison with others. Interestingly, it does not just show the details, it can reveal the social media links and photos as well.

5. WhoCallMe — Best with Several Methods of Tracing Number

WhoCallMe Overview

Do you prefer to be diverse in your reverse phone lookup? Then WhoCallMe is the suitable site to use. Its compatibility cuts across any attribute you choose to look up. This site's accessibility is for everyone, and unlike Instant Checkmate which has a slow processing time, WhoCallMe, it's super-fast when it comes to processing time. What to appreciate about this site is its different method of tracing unknown hidden contact without hassle. The site is always available, reliable, and accurate. User's personal information is safe, as there is high-security confidentiality and privacy. However, all that is involved in using the platform is to type in the specific issues you want to get down on. For instance, if you want email lookup, you input that in the search space provided on the site, and the same goes for phone number lookup among others.

6. TrueCaller — Best Reverse Phone Lookup App for Mobile Device

TrueCaller Overview

TrueCaller is a popular phone lookup app that stands out among many and widely recognizes. The interface of this app is very flexible and user-friendly. You can use it to identify and spot robocalls and even block unwanted calls. One thing that set the platform from other reverse phone lookup sites is that it can detect a spamming device and block it instantly. Using TrueCaller is easy, all you have to do is download the app from the play store.

Interestingly, over 1 billion of these apps have been installed so far and still counting. Mind you, if you don’t want to install the app on your device doesn’t mean you can’t use the app. What you have to do is to log in to the truecaller website via your browser of choice and sign in with an email address to see the results.

7. White Pages — Best for Identifying Spam and Spam Calls

White Pages Overview

White pages are yet another popular site that has global recognition. Just like Intelius, you can search up spam calls via three procedures, either by people, name, or address, whichever one you make your choice on brings quick feedback. Even the text messages and calls you missed can swiftly be identified using white pages. The amount of data you will have access to while using this site depends on the data on the database that matches your search intent.

Running a smart check on an entire device is another fine attribute to be likened. Even though the reverse phone lookup site came into existence in 1997, its advancement speaks loudly. As such, why it is seen as the best when it comes to spotting and trashing out spam and spam calls.

8. Spokeo — Best for Finding Location and Social Media Account

Spokeo Overview

Spokeo lookup phone using name, email, phone, and address. Whichever you succeed with gets down on the fact that you want to address the issues of who’s calling, reveal the caller’s identity, lookups pics of the person behind the calls, their location, and as well their social platform profiles. Location can show several histories, like where the number was dialed from and the current place to find the users. Also, only a few reverse phone lookup sites have the huge database that Spokeo has. More than 12 billion public records are housed, plus it is regularly up-to-date. Although it is recommended, it has less detailed information than others.

9. SpyDialer — Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site for Voicemail Check

SpyDialer Overview

SpyDialer is fast growing reverse lookup site that has collected at least billions of Phone Numbers. The site majorly works with mobile phones, landlines, and email addresses. SpyDialer might not be as popular as the other phone lookup sites even though it has put together a huge number of contacts. However, what set it aside from others, is its distinctive feature of trying a reverse lookup on the voice calls that a person engages in, thus, why it is the best for voicemail lookup.

Using the site, you can find where your text messages are coming from. Plus, the phone number search, emails, and person search. Since this platform is fast and easy, records or information about your target search are revealed and exposed within seconds of searching.

10. ZoSearch — Best for Finding Public Records and Criminal History.

ZoSearch Overview

ZoSearch is a reverse phone lookup site that has coverage for 50 states. Likened to TruthFinder, background check is also a viable characteristic that enables using the site to find public and criminal records quite accessible. This site can detail and capture the what, where, how, and when unknown callers are being malicious. Hence it puts every data that is a necessity about an individual at your fingertips.

Intriguingly, even the assets a person has accumulated over time can get revealed, as well as company strength. Above all, the comprehensiveness of the site has seen its server comb through billions of data and several dozens of exceptional data sources that trigger accuracy and up-to-date information. As such, by users’ reviews and testimonials, ZoSearch has gained the acceptance and approval of millions.


Yes, a reverse phone lookup site is completely legal. With how malicious the world of tech is growing, there are many stalkers and attackers that all they do is target and try to scam you via cell phone. But when such calls come in and you have one of the discussed above lookup sites or apps installed on your phone, you will truly save yourself from rolling south. Because with this platform, you can view every detail of the person in-depth, spamming can be easily detected and blocked.

Q. Will the Person I am Searching for Know What's Happening?

No, the target individual won’t know what is going on. One thing you will come to like about phone lookup sites is that the activities carried out are mostly private and confidential, so anonymity is a priority. Therefore no one will know your intent and what you are searching for, the person you are looking up its phone details among other things. Also, since there is legality in reverse phone lookup, you have nothing to worry about.

Q. How Do I Choose the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

Understanding how to choose the best phone lookup sites is important because every site has its core strength and how they are designed to work. On considering what to take note of, accuracy, reliability, multiple lookups simultaneously, flexibility, and anonymity are key. People use phone lookup sites to find who is behind a certain unknown call to know their visibility. While some sites can only handle name and address, some reveal email addresses, financial reports, and assets on hand and others have quite interesting features to reveal even more information.

Q. How accurate are free reverse phone lookup sites?

The accuracy of free reverse phone lookup sites can vary depending on the source and quality of the data used. Some sites use publicly available data, which can be outdated or inaccurate. However, more reliable sites use advanced algorithms and data sources to ensure the accuracy of their results. For example, Whitepages claims to have a 95% accuracy rate for their data.

Q. What kind of information can I expect to find using a reverse phone lookup site?

Using a reverse phone lookup site, you can expect to find information about the owner of the phone number, including their name, location, and social media profiles. Some sites, such as ZabaSearch, can also provide information about criminal records or public records associated with the phone number.

Q. Can I use a free reverse phone lookup site to find someone's email address?

No, free reverse phone lookup sites are specifically designed to search for information about phone numbers, not email addresses. However, some sites, such as BeenVerified, offer email lookup tools in addition to their reverse phone lookup tools.

Q. Are free reverse phone lookup sites safe to use?

Free reverse phone lookup sites can be safe to use, but it's important to be cautious about the information that you share and the sites that you use. Some sites may require you to sign up for an account or provide personal information before conducting a search. It's also important to use a reputable site that adheres to data privacy regulations, such as GDPR.


With the level of malicious motives for using a mobile phone, reverse phone lookup has become very essential. However, in this article, we have come up with a list of free phone lookup sites that you can easily access to know the identity of that contact that keeps pestering you and who is behind it. Note that the aforementioned is not an exhaustive list, rather it is the ones that have passed through scrutiny, has huge databases, and are tested to yield accurate results and reliability.

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