10 Best Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers [100% Free, Real & Instant]

Are you looking for a place where you can get Instagram followers for free without paying for them with your money? Then read the article below as it would provide you recommendations on the sites to get free Instagram followers.

Best Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers

As a marketer on Instagram, what makes your account valuable is the number of followers you have and the level of engagement on your posts. Without an already existing follower base, not many people would want to follow you — and as such, your account would not reach its maximum potential.

There are many ways in which you can get followers for your account with organic engagements and outreach being the best method. However, it is easier said than done and for this reason, a good number of users have devised a means of getting followers without putting in the hard work. For some, paying for these followers is the way to go. For many others, they cannot even afford to pay for them.

If you are one of the Instagram users that want to gain more followers but do not have a budget to pay for the followers and cannot put in the hard work necessary, then there are some sites that are set up that would provide you, free followers, in exchange that you carry out a task.

In this article, we would be describing some of the sites where you can get followers for free.

What are Free Instagram Followers?

Free Instagram Followers

It is important we define what we mean by free followers here. Organically growing your account manually by interacting with other users, engaging with their content, and real-world networking that earns you followers can be seen as free — but you worked legitimately for them — and the flowers are real followers who are genuinely interested in you or your contents.

For free followers, these are mostly bots or people who are not actually interested in you or what you post but only follow you because you carried out a certain task in return for them following you.

Most free followers are fake and come from bots. They are just there as social proof as they would not engage with your content and even if they do as in the case of bots — they would mostly be spammy and not the kind of engagement you will want.

Top 10 Places to Get Free Instagram Followers

In this section of the article, we would be describing some of the best sites you can get followers without paying with money. However, you need to know that you will most likely pay by carrying out certain tasks.

1. Mr. Insta

Get Free Instagram Followers for Mr Insta

Mr. Insta remains one of the oldest in the game and has got some form of experience behind them. This website is one of the best websites that provide you with free followers. It operates a model known as the follow-4-follow model whereby you are asked to follow a certain number of people and in return, some other persons are asked to follow your account.

One of the advantages to this is that the followers that follow you are real users. However, this also means that you will need to put in the hard work of also following other users which is not too much to ask considering you are not paying for the users you need — the more followers you follow, the more you get to follow you.

2. TurboMedia

Get Free Instagram Followers for TurboMedia

TurboMedia pride itself to be the service that provides free Instagram followers. Its model is quite different from the model of Mr. Insta. While in the case of Mr. Insta you will have to follow others to earn new followers, for TurboMedia, you are required to carry out some tasks.

The tasks can either be filling out a survey form or simply carrying out a social task for 30 – 60 seconds after which you get rewarded with the followers. According to the information on their website, this should earn you 10 takes per task. The more tasks you carry out, the more followers you earn for yourself.

3. GetInsta

Get Free Instagram Followers for GetInsta

GetInsta is another website you can get free followers without paying with money. However, you will agree with me that no free followers anywhere even the ones listed above, you had to pay with carrying out certain tasks. So in the case of GetInsta how do you pay? As a new user, you are given a few coins which you can exchange for followers.

After that one is finished, you will need to carry out certain tasks to be able to earn more coins which you can then use to gain more followers. GetInsta just like the other two above are some of the most trusted when it comes to offering followers for free — even though you are paying for it by carrying out some tasks.

4. Poprey

Get Free Instagram Followers for Poprey

Unlike in the case of the others above that have been set up to provide free followers by getting you to carry out certain tasks, Poprey is not developed like that. It is a paid service that it first and smallest package is available to a user once. This smallest package is free and would provide you with 10 followers instantly without you carrying out many tasks to get them.

However, aside from this first 10 users, you will need to pay if you need more followers. The followers being offered to you look real even though in reality, they are nothing but bot followers. Aside from followers, Poprey would also offer you likes, views, and comments.

5. SocialPlus

Get Free Instagram Followers for SocialPlus

SocialPlus had been developed to provide people with initial engagement otherwise known as social proof since most Instagram users would not want to interact with accounts without them.

As a service, they provide you followers and likes. They are not your regular free Instagram follower provider. All they do is provide you credit as a new user which you can use to gain followers.

After the first credit is offered to you, you will have to pay for more credit if you want to continue using the service. One thing you will come to like about this service is that it provides you with followers that have been well thought out and set up to avoid getting discovered. This helps minimize the act of losing your followers later on.

6. Famoid

Get Free Instagram Followers for Famoid

Famoid is known for providing followers for a fee. However, they have developed a service that will provide you with free followers. The number of followers provided is not unlimited. According to the information on the website, you get 25 followers every 25 hours.

You are not even required to create an account with them to make use of this service. All you need to do is provide your username and email address and you will get the followers delivered to you. From the model, you can tell that the followers you are provided are not real humans but accounts being managed by bots.

7. SocialFollow

Get Free Instagram Followers for SocialFollow

Another website you can get a good number of followers for free with minimal effort is SocialFollow. With SocialFollow, all you need to do is provide your email address and your Instagram username and you will get 10 followers every 24 hours.

For you to get it again, you will need to carry out the same processor providing your email and email every day. With this service, you can get up to 300 followers which is a good start for a new account. However, it is important I stress here that do not depend solely on this as the followers you get are nothing bot followers and there can quickly get you in trouble.

Get Free Instagram Followers for Follower Gallery

Follower Gallery is one of the websites where you can get free followers. One thing that differentiates this service from the other services mentioned earlier is that while the rest only get you to carry out certain tasks, this service requires you to install their application which is available on both iOS and Android.

Because it is the only thing you are required to do, I am a bit skeptical as it seems they are using your device to make money and then giving you peanuts in the form of bot followers. However, if you do not mind installing any application on your device from random developers, then you can make use of it.

9. Likigram

Get Free Instagram Followers for Likigram

Another website where you can get free Instagram users is the Likigram website. Likgram will provide you with up to 50 followers in a day. All you need to do is provide your username and email address and you get 50 followers. Just like in most of the other websites, the followers you get here are bots and are not different.

One good thing with this one is that you are not required to carry out any tasks which means the followers are completely free. If you want more followers, you will have to pay for them. Looking at the website, you can see that a good number of ads are displayed which is one of the ways they make their money.

10. InstaFollowers

Get Free Instagram Followers for InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers is another site where you can get a free trial without carrying out any survey or even. Emphasis on free trial as it is not a completely free service. It is a paid service but would provide each new user with 10 followers to start with after which you will have to pay if you need more followers.

InstaFollowers does not require you to register an account in other for it to send you followers nor are you required to provide your Instagram authentication details — all you need to provide is your email address and username and you get the followers delivered to you in no time.

FAQs About Free Instagram Followers

  • Are Free Instagram Followers Worth It?

Instagram followers should be free in the true sense. However, they should be gotten from real networks and engagements not by using services on the Internet like the ones described in the article that would either require you to complete surveys, solve captchas. Follow other, or even install an application on your device.

For this kind of followers, the only benefit to you is that your follower count is increased which is considered a plus as other users would consider you popular enough to interact with. However, the followers are not the type that would engagement with your posts and certainly not the type you will want to comment from as all you will get I spam.

Free followers on Instagram by gotten by providing your username and then seeing an increase in your follower count comes with its own risk even though they can be beneficial to you in some way.

The major risk associated with such are getting penalized by Instagram as Instagram is not in support of buying accounts or even getting them free in the way it is discussed in this article.

Aside from risking the penalty of Instagram, there is also the issue of spam as some of them in a bid to form some form of engagement, drop spam comments on the posts of users they follow. Free or bought followers when detected by advertisers can also write you off.

  • What is the Right Way to Gain Instagram Followers?

Organically growing your Instagram audience base is the way to go. There are a variety of ways you can get that to happen. Some of the methods include positing high-quality and engaging videos and pictures at the right time. Engagement with the posts of others by liking and posting interesting comments.

You can also share your Instagram username anywhere you have the opportunity and let interested users follow you. You also need to be patient except you have the marketing budget to market your brand.


Faking popularity on Instagram is easy if you can afford to pay for engagements. And let's face it — these services are cheap and affordable to many users.

However, if you belong to the category that still considers them expensive and you are looking for ways to gain Instagram followers fast without paying for them.

Then the services described in the article are some of the services you can use to gain free Instagram followers. To be effective, you will have to use a number of them since the free followers you get from a provider is small.

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