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Are you looking forward to buying proxies from Fineproxy? I will advise you against doing that until you have read our expert review of the Fineproxy datacenter proxy network. You will be learning about both the strengths and weaknesses that matter in other to make an informed decision.

The barrier of entry into the datacenter market is low, and this resultsin many low-quality providers creeping into the market. If you don’t have a provider you have settled with, you can end up with a bad one because all the providers (both good and bad) make high-end promises. How does Fineproxy stand in this regard? We won’t be revealing the answer this fast. However, as we move through the pros and cons section of the article, you will be able to tell if Fineproxy is a provider you can settle with or you should look elsewhere. How well do you know this provider? Let take a look at an overview of Fineproxy below.

Fineproxy Overview

Fineproxy is a Russian proxy provider that provide cheap proxies for low budget Internet marketers. It has been around since 2011 and has been able to expand its reach into many countries. According to the information on the Fineproxy website, this provider caterstousers in 69 countries. Their proxies are some of the cheapest in the market, and if you are not ready to make a payment, they could offer you proxies for use free of charge. Fineproxy ensures IP diversity by providing you proxies from different subnets.

Fineproxy Overview

On the flip side, even though their shared proxies are cheap, their private proxies are expensive when compared to datacenter proxies from other providers. Their proxies can also be said to be low quality as they easily get detected, and the connection speed is very slow – to be honest. There are also other strengths weaknesses you will discover as we move into the review proper. Below is a table providing an overview of the Fineproxy datacenter proxy network.

IP TypeDatacenter IPs
Priced ChargedProxies
Price Sample1000 proxies for $50
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S), SOCKS
AuthenticationUsername/password + IP Authentication
IP Locations50 countries across the world
Instagram CompatibilityNo
Sneaker CompatibilityNo
Speed Bad
SupportEmail + Live chat + Telegram
Refund Policy24 hours money-back
IP ReplacementYes
P2p/TorrentingNot Allowed
Jurisdiction LocationRussia

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Fineproxy Pros

Let start the review with the good features that Fineproxy brings to the table. The strengths are the reasons why some clients stood by them for long. For them to be around since 2011 and still be in business, then they are doing something right in the eyes of some customers. Let take a look at these below.

Affordable Shared Proxies with Diverse Packages

There’s no doubt that price is an important factor when buying proxies. Different marketers, with their different financial status and what a particular marketer could afford effortlessly, others won’t even if they try. While each provider tries to be competitive in terms of pricing depending on the providers, it perceives as its competitors. For Fineproxyshared, I have no option but to say that they are incredibly cheap and among the cheap providers low budget marketers troop too.

Fineproxy Packages

They have got many shared proxy plans, including shared proxies from a specific region, super mix, and proxies for a specific task. Take, for instance,you can buy 1000 shared proxies for the US for a price of $50.Aside from the fact that their proxies are affordable, they also have diverse packages. Generally, you could group theminto exclusive proxies, country-specific proxies, mix packages, proxies for specific use cases, and private proxies.

Good Location Coverage

Fineproxyproxies are datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies need to have data centers and servers in countries they will offer IP addresses for. Let say a provider wants to provide US and UK proxies; they will need to have data caters in both countries. Fineproxy has support for a good number of locations across the globe. Currently, Fineproxy has proxies for about 50 countries across the globe. However, if you want to buy country-specific proxies, Fineproxy only has support for 30 countries. You will agree with me that supporting this number of countries is great.

Fineproxy Location Coverage

Currently, Fineproxy has over 100K IP addresses distributed in the countries supported. They have their own data center in Kaluga, Russia. From their data center alone, they have over 400 servers. Aside from their own data center, they have data centers they partner with worldwide from which they host their proxies. While the location support is OK, the fact that the majorityof the data centers are out of the control of Fineproxy gives us a reason for concern.

Free Proxies, Free Trial, and Money-back Guarantee Offered

Fineproxy does not need your money – sorry, they do but not as aggressive as other providers. If you visit the Fineproxy homepage, even before they talked about their paid proxies, they provide a list of free proxies for anybody to use. For their free proxies, the proxies are open proxies and do not require any form of authentication. Before you think of using the free proxies, I will advise you to avoid free proxies by all means. This is because they are very slow and could compromise your security. Most are even detectable and not compatible with major sites on the Internet.

Free Proxies offered by Fineproxy

While their free proxies could work, I will advise you to go for their free trial plan. Fineproxy has a free trial plan available you can use to try out their service and know if they are the best for you or not. Another thing you will come to like about Fineproxy is that all sales are not final. If, after paying for their proxies, the proxies end up not working for you, you could ask for a refund within 24 hours of releasing payment. One thing you will come to like about their refund policy is that you will get your money back even if you made use of the free trial option.

Excellent Customer Support

Not all customers will just read the copy on a proxy network site and go ahead with the purchase. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered either before making a purchase or after purchasing proxies from a provider. When questions need answers,users turn to the support team. Does Fineproxy have a dedicated support team that users can rely on to get correct answers and help at the right time? It turns out that, Fineproxyscores an A in this regard.

When I first stumbled on Fineproxy, I had a good number of questions as the description on their website did not provide me with all of the information I needed. I contacted the support team via their live chat, and a lady agent chatted with me. She was responsive, polite, and helpful. The support team is not always online, and as such, they have got other channels of communication, including Telegram, email, and Twitter.

Validity Period is Determined by Activation Time

Have you paid for proxies from a provider and never used thembefore it expires? How does it feel? Well, with Fineproxy, you will not feel that way. When you buy proxies from Fineproxy, the package is not active and requires you to activate it before your time starts running. Let say you buy a package with a 30 days validity period; the proxies will not start running from the day you paid for it. The period of validity starts running when you activate the package. Interestingly, activation can’t be done by mistake. For you to activate a package, you will need to enter your email and real IP address.

Fineproxy Cons

The above sings the praises of Fineproxy with little bits of its shady areas. In this section of the article, we will be discussing the weaknesses of Fineproxy and why you need to be careful and strategic when dealing with Fineproxy.

Private Proxies are Expensive

From the pros section of the article above, you can see that we stated that Fineproxy is one of the cheapest providers you can see in the market right now. Aside from their affordable shared proxies, you can also get free proxies – that might not be of use to you. Sad to say this, this is where the cheapness ends. Fineproxy hide information about its private proxy pricing from the homepage in a bid to appear as a cheap provider – or because most of their customers are shared proxies users. Whichever is the case, you need to know that Fineproxy has private proxies that are expensive.

Fineproxy Private Proxies prices

The price per proxy for their private proxies is $5. This amount is way higher than the amount other providers sell their proxies. Almost all of the providers we do review on this blog and sister blog actually cost less than this. Instead of buying their overpriced private proxies, you can buy from other premium providers, including MyPrivateProxy, Highproxies, and SSLPrivateProxy, among others. One thing you need to know about their private proxies is that they work and are fast, unlike their shared proxies that are very slow with a large of the pool not being functional.

Shared Proxy Speed is Slow

The private proxies offered by Fineproxy are fast. But the major focus of Fineproxy is on their shared proxies, and they taunt how cheap they are. Unfortunately, they can’t perform any market and as it is rightfully said – you get what you paid for! Ask yourself, why would the same provider sell certain 1000 proxies for $50 and then sell a single proxy for $5? It is a generally known fact that shared proxies are slow because of the number of people using them. For the very cheap ones, they are mostly hosted on lowered servers.

Fineproxy Shared Proxy Speed

Fineproxy shared proxies were so slow that I was unable to carry out a speed test using them. I was able to use some of their proxies to open a few pages, but the response time is very discouraging. For some, I was unable to even open a page as it was so slow my browser has to terminate the request.

Get Detected by Google

Fineproxy slow speed Detected by Google

Something interesting happens that I wouldn’t have discovered. While trying to test the speed for Fineproxy shared proxies, instead of typing the URL of the speed testing tool directly, I sent a query to Google. Alas, I made a discovery –Fineproxy shared proxies aren’t compatible with Google. If you tried using their proxies for searching on Google, your request would be denied suggesting that they know you’re making use of a proxy server. I also tried their proxies on many other popular platforms, and I got missed result. They work on others and do not on others.

Not Easy to Use

How easy is it to make use of Fineproxy? Well, for other proxies, you need to register, select a package, pay, and get proxies delivered to your inbox or via the user dashboard, from which you can simply copy proxy details and use them. For Fineproxy, the process is slightly different and this, to me, makes it slightly stressful. For Fineproxy, you will need to mark payment in other to access the user dashboard. The username and password will be sent to your email. After logging into your account, you will then have to download the list of proxies. They do not support IP rotation, and as such, you will have to do that yourself.

Do We Recommend Fineproxy?

There’s no need to beat around the bush. We do not recommend Fineproxy as a provider our readers can buy proxies from. This is because when it comes to purchasing proxies, you have two options out of which none aligns with what makes a provider good for a recommendation. The first option is you go for their cheap shared proxies that won’t work for you. The second option is buying their private proxies at expensive pricing when you can get high-quality proxies way cheaper than they sell.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 8.8/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.1/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.9/10
  • Customer support - 8.2/10

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