A Comprehensive Guide to Cook Groups for Sneakerheads and Resellers

Are you new in the sneaker copping game and do not know what cook groups are? Then you are on the right page. Below is our beginner article on cook groups and how to get the most out of them.

Cook Group 101

Cook Group is an integral part of sneaker copping. Therefore, if you are someone that has an interest in copping and reselling sneakers, botting among other things, a cook group is a place you must be. I know you might be wondering why should it be a necessity.

Sneaker copping or aiming for random shoes can be impossible most times, and even raffling on top sites does not do any justice to this. This is because before a sneaker gets to be publicly released those on the cook group have the first-hand information, so within seconds of release it has already been copped. This is not strange and, there is no other strategy to it than cook group.

Although many don’t see this to be important, if you truly mean business in terms of reselling sneakers, knowing the drop date of limited edition and release value, then the cook group is a community you should join.

As such, in this article, we will be talking about cook group, what it is, their purpose, benefits, how to join them, and how to use them. With that said, let’s walk you through this lane.

TLTR – Cook Groups

  • 🏭 Cook groups are online communities that provide early access to limited edition sneaker releases, restock notifications, one-on-one support, and connection with manufacturers.
  • 📣 The purpose of cook groups is to keep members informed, notify them of upcoming releases and shock drops, and to provide support.
  • 🚨 Cook groups include release information, restock monitors, groupbuys, one-on-one support, lowkey flips, shockdrop pings, bot set up, early link access, and drop recaps.
  • 🤝 To join a cook group, members must be patient, pay a monthly fee, and select a group based on their interests and needs.
  • 👟 Cook groups are essential for those interested in sneaker reselling, botting, and those who want to cop limited edition and rare sneakers.
  • 💸 The benefits of a cook group outweigh the cost, but a free cook group may not provide the same level of service as a paid cook group.

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What is Cook Group

Cook Group community

Cook Group is a community where sneakerheads release information on how you can cop the limited edition of sneakers. There are benefits to joining this group as the take-home and success reviews are something to invest in. what this tells you is that, whatever is spent is worth it. Although there is a free cook group, the paid ones are far preferred as they are more legitimate and reliable.

Most times, this cook group is likely found on the discord server or slack. However, they are of benefit because they provide the right information before the time of any release, support you in all areas, and keep you up to date on the latest. Every cook group has its value attached.

Therefore, whichever you choose should depend on your goal. Some cook groups don’t monitor your affairs while some do, but to look at things in terms of what they offer, the features are in common. Joining a cook group is important if you are into sneaker reselling, botting, and, more.

Purpose of Cook Group

Purpose of Cook Group

The purpose of the cook group is to keep you informed at all times and notify you when there is an upcoming release and deal with shock drops to mention a few. Most shock drops are not shocking to a cook group member, because they are aware of the release about a week before it drops. You will even know how many pairs will be released and the chance attached.

They provide you with information about everything that is going on in the sneaker world. However, so far, their aim has not been defeated as the recommendations of joining a cook group keep increasing. The reason why the cook group is more beneficial is that everyone has an equal right to cop. Make sure to join a cook group that will add value to your brand or where your intent lies, because that’s the main target.

As a beginner, their target is to make you a better reseller by providing you with the needed information to keep you steps ahead of the general public.

As a member, you will be engaging in every raffle and know before the time when each raffle is released. Also, you have chances for sneakers of lowkey flips not high in demand but come with lots of profits.

Pros and Cons of Cook Group

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  • Provide information that you need on the latest and quick releases.
  • They serve as monitoring avenues to notify you of shock drops and specific releases.
  • They help in solving every member’s challenge and are answerable to all.
  • Joining the cook group gives an equal chance of access to all sneaker enthusiasts.
  • They have a connection with manufacturers, hence, there are chances for limited edition, drop date, and release value.


  • Becoming a member of a cook group is easier said than done, as you may tender your request and it will take months to be accepted.
  • Pricing is one of the major downsides of a cook group. It ranges from $20 to $60 per month.
  • The sneakers don’t drop daily
  • Free cook groups have slower monitoring, support issues, and, fewer guides

What Does a Cook Group Include

What Does a Cook Group Include

Some features the cook group includes and most of them have this attribute in common. Although, the group you join defines some of these, make sure whichever you choose to pay to join has most of these features as it tells on the effectiveness of the group.

  • Release Information

New release

New release of high-value drops frequently, at least once a week, and you won’t be of advantage most times in this high drop if you don’t have a discord group to notify you on what is going on. This is one of the major reasons why joining a cook group is important.

A cook group will hit you up on the information of such release, the time and date of drops, how many pairs will be released, even the precise site where these drops will happen, and more. The best part of this is that the information will be given to all members about a week before the release date, and on the due date, a couple of minutes before public awareness.

  • Restock Monitors

restocks and release

Monitoring restocks and release is another primary attribute you should look for in a cook group. Companies release block sneaker bots and other release items for restocking and if you are not aware you will surely miss out on this. Not every cook group has this monitoring device.

A good cook group will help monitor top and many websites at once. Keep track of all activities and keep you on track always. This isn’t new to A-list cook groups, as it's their job to keep you alert on all drops.

  • Groupbuys

Groupbuys or collective buys are important and efficient. Knowing releases are mostly not yielding anything for some persons. Joining a cook group will give you access to collective buys where you can come together and purchase certain bots under the same details. Top bot releases can be gotten by engaging on groupbuys. This will help those that want to buy a sneaker bot have a chance to buy.

  • One-on-one support

cook group discord

A good cook group will have a question channel or discord that can help with whatever enquiry you want to make.

Also, some can go as far as assigning you someone to guide you or connect you to an admin. Some supports are from fellow members of the group that are more knowledgeable in the fields.

This support is very crucial if you are a beginner who doesn’t know your way around the discord groups. Thus, why joining the cook group is good.

However, take note that if any cook group cannot provide an answer to your question, such will not be a support to you.

  • Lowkey Flips

Lowkey flips deals with items or shoes from a lesser-known company. This can be pretty good because the profit generated here most time is huge. This is one thing joining a cook group can do for you. Lowkey flips are not known by many, but those in the cook group will be aware of them and the time.  As a result of that, they are easy to cop and make mouth pouring profit from it.

  • Shockdrop pings

The reality about shock drops is that it is not shocking to those in the cook group. This is because the information might have been available a week before the shock release happens. Additionally, since this is often not going with any scheduled calendar, most people are not aware of the drop, and some are surprised by such a release as they have no information about it.

Cook group is important, and if you are a reseller, shock drops like this will help you have some limited edition, top-rated shoes highly in demand that will triple what you paid before you joined the group.

  • Bot set up

Bot set up

Setting up a bot can be quite challenging, but joining a cook group will less make it of a worry. They will guide you on how to set up your bot and make a profit from it. Since one of the main purposes of this group is to make sure you succeed on all grounds, they will be there even if not physically, virtually will justify. Purchasing a bot you can’t set up can be overwhelming, hence, using a cook group is integral because they will show you how you can set up your bot before any release date happens.

Early link is an outstanding attribute every cook group should have. If you are in a group of such value, links to sneaker releases are often dropped a few minutes before the release date. This increases your chances of copping certain high-class sneakers.

All you need is to set up your sneaker bot before drop time and you are good to go. Your chances of copping are high with such a group backing you up.

  • Drop recap

Drop recap might not be appreciated by many but those in a cook group appreciate this a lot. This deal with those who are successful on several releases coming to address the group and sharing light on why some person go wrong on a release and what should be done next time for them to benefit like others.

How to Get into Cook Group

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Joining a cook group is not like just liking and commenting on a page. Becoming a member of a cook group can be quite discouraging sometimes, as it might take months for you to be accepted.

Sometimes, you might need to wait for a member that stops paying for their service to give you the chance to be a member. There are lots of cook groups out there, and while some are free, others are paid.

However, the free ones are not effective as the paid or private ones. The price of paid cook group starts from $20 to $60 per month. The challenge here is that most cook groups are often sold out which is why it is so difficult to join. If you are joining a cook group newly, look for a lesser price to start with.

Check a discord server or go to wap.io to see the collection of cook groups, and check if they are suitable for you. Price does vary, most expert groups are $60 upward. They are very sophisticated.

Nonetheless, sometimes, it’s not just top-rated, some less pricey cook groups will offer what top-rated ones can offer with just a little difference. Therefore, if you are a beginner, start low before subscribing to higher prices and grow gradually.

How to Use a Cook Group

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The uniqueness of every cook group lies in what they have to offer, hence, know what you want and make sure the group can provide it before joining. If you find a place here, knowing how to use the group matters, thus, these are some of the ways you can use a cook group to your advantage.

  • Be active

To be active is the first ball here. You need to talk and participate in activities to be known. It's very vital. So don’t stay quiet to be a passive follower of others, bring yourself out to be known, to enable you to get familiar with what is happening and how to go about it. Activeness in a cook group is a big deal.

  • Ask Question

cook group Ask Question

It is said that those who ask questions never or don’t easily go wrong, the same applies here. In a cook group, the strategies behind your success are right in front of you, and no two ways about it. The obvious will toss you far and asking questions is one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Those who ask questions in a cook group have been reviewed to be more successful in their target than those who keep mute and just follow the crowd. So, send in your questions on things you are not clear on, there is an ever-ready community of individuals that will gladly be happy to help you. If you are a beginner you need to ask lots of questions, so as not to make mistakes.

  • Post Often

To post often has its advantage. It makes you appear interactive, confident, and active on the platform. Posting and as well reading the comments of what others posted likewise yours is a good way to find ground in the platform. People will see what you posted and comment on it, and with that, you can easily be corrected and guided rightly.

  • Success Rate

How to Use a sneakers Cook Group

Knowing the success rate of any cook group you are going to join matters a lot. Check reviews from previous and current users. See their recommendations and how people try to refer them.

A productive and effective cook group will be talked about with good recommendations from users. So, don’t just join any cook group, be sure they can deliver before struggling to pay and join them.

  • Networking

Networking is something people look down on and it counts. Connecting with the bigger resellers, botters and more will be of benefit to you. It's going to grow you to a higher level.

Essentially, starting new calls for a lot of work if you want to succeed, and in a group like this, try to reach out to those who have been in the game for a long. With that, you will create a name and a long-lasting relationship that will help you in the race for your success.

  • Listen to Admins in the Group

This is a very good point to take note of.  Listen to the expert in the group, and follow whatever they say, it's important because they have been where you at.

Cook group is to help you with being informed and monitor your affairs, so the admin of the group is perfect to listen to as they are often the ones that send out the information you crave to hear.

  • Notification

Notification is the lastly stated here. To use a cook group effectively, you have to set all notifications that lead you to the group to be always on. This is to help you know whenever anything new comes into the group, hence, to help keep you up-to-date. Make sure your notification is never turned off. Little negligence will be a big deal.

FAQs About Cook Group

Q. Is There a Free Cook Group?

Yes. There are some sites where you can get a free cook group, but the question is, how effective are they? Although a free cook group will cost you zero dime, you shouldn't use a free cook group as it has no good landing.

Paid or private cook group is highly rated, effective, and as well as good reviews. So if you intend in joining this group make your findings and join a group that will serve your aim of paying for the services.

Q. Is Cook Group Only for Sneaker Copping?

Cook group is not only for sneaker copping, there are other random items involved. Though cook groups are mostly known and specialize in street wares and sneakers, some specialize in selling cars, NFTs, stocks, electronics, etc.

Cook group cut across lots of things, so do not say because you are not a sneaker reseller or enthusiast this group is not for you. Sneaker cook groups are soundly heard but others have a chance to focus here too to join a cook group.

Q. Why Should I Join a Cook Group?

Joining a cook group is vital because it will keep you informed on the latest, and what is happening in the sneaker world. If you cop sneakers and also want to be a sneaker reseller, the cook group is an advantage.

You have to join this group as that is where other-like minds are making it. The copping sneaker can seem impossible most times, but those in the cook group always cook sneakers irrespective of the challenges.


Joining a cook group is very significant if what you aim at is becoming a sneaker reseller, or botter, among others in the sneaker world.

However, becoming a member can be quite exhausting as most cook groups are always sold out.

In this article, we have come up with well detail and flexible information to help you find your way around cook groups, what it is, how to join, and how you should use them. Enjoy your reading.

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