Buzzoid Vs. Famoid Vs. Mr. Insta Vs. Stormlikes (2023 Updated)

Do you want to buy social media engagements and followers but you are finding it difficult to make a choice between Buzzoid, Famoid, Mr. Insta, and Stormlikes? Then read the article below as we would be discussing the similarities and differences between them.

Buzzoid Vs. Famoid Vs. Mr. Insta Vs. Stormlikes

Growing a social media account is difficult because of the competition between users of the platform as well as the strict rules laid down by the social media platforms. This is complicated by the fact that users do not want to interact with new accounts or accounts that do not get a lot of engagements.

While this is not a problem for celebrities, popular brands, and those that have a big budget for marketing, it is a problem for regular users and small businesses. This had made them focus on buying engagements rather than earning them organically. Buzzoid, Famoid, Mr. Insta, and Stormlikes are some of the popular services that sell followers and engagements.

If you are to take a look at their websites with untrained eyes, you might not notice the difference between them and this can get you confused. But in reality, there are differences between these services.

In this article, we would be taking a look at the difference between Buzzoid vs Famoid vs Mr. Insta vs Stormlikes. At the end of the article, you should have an understanding of how similar they are and what are the key differences between them that could shape your purchase decision.

An Overview of Social Media Promotional Services

An Overview of Social Media Promotional Services

The four services (Buzzoid, Famoid, Mr. Insta, and Stormlikes) of interest to use in this article are all marketed as social media promotional services for helping marketers grow their accounts. In reality, what these services do for the most part is nothing close to promotion. What they do is sell you followers, likes, comments, shares, and views, among others.

Unfortunately, these are not usually from real people, making it possible for you to use any or all of these services to gain hundreds of thousands of followers but have no real engagements from users.

For this reason, we do not recommend you make use of these services alone. In fact, it is best you understand that organic followers and engagements are the best. However, if you must make use of any of these, then it only has o be a small part of your growth strategy.

What we recommend is to use these services to gain some form of social proof and credibility as users will not want to interact with any account without engagement. But your real game plan should be getting real engagement and organic growth.

Similarities Between Buzzoid, Famoid, Mr. Insta, and Stormlikes

popular services that sell followers and engagements

The Buzzoid, Famoid, and Mr. Insta services including all of their other alternatives that weren’t mentioned have one major similarity and that is the model under which they operate.

While they might want you to believe the followers and engagements you are provided with are from real people, they are only lying to you and hope you are gullible enough to believe them — the followers and engagements are fake and from bots.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t make use of them as experienced marketers use them in conjunction with real content marketing, outreach, and engagements.

The promotional services create account farms for the social media platforms they support and managed them using automation bots. Because they are not accounts managed by real people, they usually have low activity rates, especially for activities that can’t be made unique without being spammy as in the case of dropping comments.

It is for this reason that we advise users to minimize the usage of these services as accounts that depends on them are easily identifiable by any experienced expert. While the tools are similar and are meant to achieve the same result, below are some of the ways they differ.

Social Media Platforms Supported

Social Media Platforms Supported

One of the areas in which these social media promotional services strive is in the social media platforms they support. Some of them are more focused on one social media platform while others have got support for multiple social media platforms.

While the number of sites supported is not an indicator of quality, supporting too many platforms will divide the attention of service and reduce quality. On the flip side, if a service is able to handle more platforms effectively, you could get a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Buzzoid overview

When it comes to platform support and the engagements you can get from these services, Buzzoid can be said to be the least. This is because it has got support for only Instagram. Aside from being exclusively set up for only Instagram, it also does not support many engagement types as you can only buy like, followers, and a new engagement type known as automatic like which send likes to your new posts automatically.

Famoid overview

Famoid can be likened to the Buzzoid in terms of support for Instagram as it does have support for followers, likes, and views. However, unlike in the case of Buzzoid, it does have support for more social media platforms. Together with Instagram, Famoid also does support Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube with each having the engagement you can purchase. Famoid does support only a few engagements for social networks it supports.

Mr Insta overview

In terms of platform support, Mr. Insta is the leader here. This service has got support for 7 social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, and SoundCloud. It also has the most support for engagement types for each of the platforms it supports. In fact, you can describe Mr. Insta as a full package when it comes to providing social media promotional services and engagements.

Stormlikes overview

Stormlikes also does have support for a good number of social media networks just like Mr. Insta — it currently provides engagements for 6 platforms. It might interest you to know that Stormlikes that it also supports more engagement than Famoid and Buzzoid. The only service that is ahead of it in this regard is the Mr. Insta service.

Quality of Service Delivered

Quality of Service Delivered

The quality of the service provided is one of the major differences between these services. If you take a look at the copies on their websites, you will see that they all claim to offer followers, likes, and views from real users. In reality, this is just a marketing gimmick. Let's take a look a how they differ and this should shape your purchase decision.

Point to them as actually bots

In terms of the quality of service, Buzzoid, Famoid, and Stormlikes are the same — only Mr. Insta is different. They all claim to offer you real followers that will stick around and won’t get your account suspended.

In reality, what they offer are real-looking followers, likes, and views — they are not real but from bots. These services do not offer comments and even if they do, we do not advise you to make use of the comment services as they are usually spammy which point to them as actually bots.

Social media platforms discover some of the accounts being used and remove them and that is why you can start losing followers after a while. All these services do have refill support which will monitor your account and provide you with the followers/likes you lost within a specific period of time.

Mr Insta is the only service that is different

Mr. Insta is the only service that is different on the list but that is if you are a paid user. For Mr. Insta, you get real followers as a paid user. These real followers and their associated engagements are paid for with fake/bot followers and engagements.

In essence, while you get real followers as a paid user, the free users of the platform get bot followers and engagements. Because some of the real followers will end up unfollowing you, Mr. Insta provides you with more than the number of followers you paid for to balance things up.

Delivery Timeline

Delivery Timeline

One other aspect of these services is the timeline of delivery. If you pay for followers and engagements, when do the followers and engagements get delivered? For some of the services, the delivery is usually instant and could get your accounts into trouble. For some, delivery is gradual and safer. Others will offer you both to make a choice.

Buzzoid understands the algorithm

Buzzoid understands the algorithm and knows if it sends too many followers or likes to you at once, there are high chances Instagram will know that something fishy is going on. It has developed its system to deliver drip-feed followers based on the number of followers and the activeness of your account. Sometimes, the delivery is spaced out and could be done in days rather than instants.

The Famoid service takes things slowly

The Famoid service takes things slowly when it comes to the delivery of followers, fanbase, and engagements. For this service even though the followers are nothing but bots, the followers are not delivered instantly to avoid suspicion. Instead, the followers are delivered gradually within the time period. This with the drop protection system for refilling lost followers, making it quite safe.

Stormlikes you are in charge

With Stormlikes, you are in charge. The service has got support for both instant delivery as well as the gradual delivery method. If you want immediate delivery, you can go for the instant delivery option. However, you need to know what you are doing to avoid getting into trouble. The method we recommend is their gradual delivery method as it is safer and more natural-looking.

Mr Insta service

The Mr. Insta service can be said to be in between if you are a paid user. Because real accounts with humans behind them are used, the speed of delivery is dependent on the available persons at a given time. For some, the delivery can be fast. For others, it can be slow. However, as a free user, you get instant delivery since the followers are bots.



There is no doubt, that for most people, pricing is an important factor that determines whether they will make use of a service or not. Interestingly, some services use pricing to their advantage and could get new customers just by being cheaper. The 4 services are quite different in terms of pricing.

However, because they offer multiple services, it will be difficult to discuss their pricing across the services they offer. Let's use the pricing for Instagram followers for the argument.

Stormlikes is the cheapest

In terms of pricing, Stormlikes is the cheapest. For just $2.89, you can buy 100 followers that will stick. The more followers you buy, the more discounts you get from this service. Remember, you can get followers instantly or gradually. Whichever option you go with, just know that Stormlikes does have support for refill should you lose some of the followers.

Buzzoid is another cheaper option

Buzzoid is another cheaper option. In fact, the difference between the pricing of Stormlikes followers and that of Buzzoid is not much. For 100 followers, all you need to pay is $2.97 and this is a discounted price. The more followers you pay for, the more discounts you get. It might interest you to know that you can get up to 75 percent discount if you buy 5000 followers from this service.

Famoid is real-looking

The quality of followers you get from Famoid is real-looking and quite better than that of Stormlikes and Buzzoid and as such, it is only reasonable for it to be more expensive. From this service, you can buy 100 followers for $3.95. The accounts used are active and there are better chances of you retaining the followers.

Mr Insta is the most expensive

Mr. Insta is the most expensive option here. The thing is, if you do not have a good budget, you can’t make use of this service. With $20, you can only get 20 followers. This is because the followers you get from this service are real. However, the service does have support for free followers but you will need to follow others first — and the followers delivered are bots.

Customer Support

Mr Insta is the most expensive

No matter how fluid a service is, you will need to make use of customer support once in a while. The 4 services do have support for customer support. However, they can’t be said to be the same throughout. Let's take a look at how each of them stands in this regard.

Famoid customer support

Famoid understands the need for effective customer support and as such, its support service is divided into 2 — pre-sale support and after-sale support. If you visit the contact page on their website, you have the option of making a choice between these two support channels. Communication is via email and response is usually within a day.

Buzzoid Customer support

Buzzoid customer support is also provided via the contact form and email. You do not need to be their customer to use their customer support channel but there is more priority for customers. Since communication is via email, responses are not swift but you should get responses to your queries within a short period of time.

Stormlikes Customer support

In terms of customer support, you have to give it up to this service. It is the only service among the 4 social media growth services that you can chat live with their customer service. Visit their website to see the time they are available for live chat. The service also does have a contact form for email communication.

Mr Insta customer support

Communication with the Mr. Insta team is done via email as they also do not have support for live chat. Considering the cost of using their service, this is a downside for this service since it presents itself as a premium service compared to the others in the market.

Verdict: Famoid Vs. Buzzoid Vs. Stormlikes Vs. Mr. Insta

Verdict Famoid Vs Buzzoid Vs Stormlikes Vs Mr Insta

All of the 4 services considered in this article are sellers of followers, likes, and other forms of engagement on social media platforms such as Instagram. If you are looking for a success that will last, the general consensus is to avoid them as there is more risk than gain from using these services. Instead of buying followers, we would recommend you make use of automation tools or even growth services that will help you grow your accounts than paying for followers.

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