The Best Time to Post on Instagram (2022 Updated)

There is a right time and wrong time when it comes to posting on Instagram that is independent of the quality of your post. If you want engagement on your content, you will need to post at the right times and the article below reveals the best periods to post on Instagram.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Have you heard the saying; timing is everything? Well, if you haven’t, now you do and when it comes to posting on Instagram, the time you post can change everything and get you the kind of engagements you desire.

On the other hand, you could be throwing money and energy and still get nothing in return from your posting efforts regardless of the quality of your content just because you are posting at the wrong time when your audience is busy.

Truth be told, there are so many competing posts on the feeds of most people on Instagram that except you post at the time they are online, your content would most likely be overshadowed by newer content when they come online – thereby missing the chance to get them engaged with your content. For that reason, you will need to plan your posting schedules to be at the time you will get the most engagement.

So, What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram? Please check our clock in the images,

When is the best time to post on instagram from Monday to Sunday

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If you are looking for the best answers to the best period to post on Instagram, then the period is between the hours of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. However, this is just a general answer and there are dynamics depending on the day of the week you are looking at. Generally, the best period to post is when before work, period of break/lunch, and after work. Let take a look at the best times to post for each of the days.

  • Sunday – 9AM to 3PM

best time to post on Instagram on Sunday

It might interest you to know that Sunday is the worse day to post on Instagram as it is considered a day to rest and hang out for those that like going out. So if you can, you are better off taking that day off as engagement would be pretty low when compared to other days. However, if you want to post on a Sunday, then you will have to do that between 9AM to 3PM as this is the time most users would be online.

  • Monday – 11AM to 1PM

best time to post on Instagram on Monday

Mondays are usually busy for most people. However, you can still get a good engagement from your audience for almost 12 hours. Between 8AM to 8PM, you can get moderate engagement from your audience. The peak hours for maximum engagement are between 11AM to 1PM.

  • Tuesday – 11PM to 3PM

best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday

For Tuesday, you also have the peak period starting from 11PM and going all the way to 3PM. After this period, the engagement level for most posts would keep declining until 10PM after which you shouldn’t expect any engagement.

  • Wednesday – 11AM to 1PM

best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday

Tuesday is actually the best day to post on Instagram. After Tuesday, the second-best day to post on Instagram is Wednesday as data shows that posts get an impressive engagement on Tuesday and Wednesday compared to the other days. The peak period for Wednesday is 11AM to 1PM. However, you will enjoy a good engagement between 8AM to 9PM.

  • Thursday – 11AM to 12PM

best time to post on Instagram on Thursday

Thursday is actually also one of the best days to post on Instagram as work isn’t as serious as it use to be on Monday. In fact, you can start posting from 7AM and get good engagement. However, the peak period for Thursday is usually short – between 11AM to 12PM. After this brief period, engagement keeps declining for the rest of the day.

  • Friday – 11AM to 1PM

best time to post on Instagram on Friday

Friday is also another good day to post on Instagram if you want to get good engagement. The peak period for engagement is between 11AM to 1PM. However, according to a large-scale study, you can enjoy a good engagement from 9AM to 11AM and 1PM to 2PM. The rest of the day would just be moderate and declining engagement.

  • Saturday – 10AM to 1PM

best time to post on Instagram on Saturday

Saturday is just like Sunday – you will not enjoy engagement as you will for the week days even though many are away from work. This is because as users take a break from work to rest, they also take a break from social media to rest, hang out and get the house chores done. For this day 10AM to 1PM is the best period to post.

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Best Time to Go live on IG

live on IG

Going live only makes sense if you will be getting a considerable amount of engagement. For that reason, it is best to time it so it coincident with the time your audience would be readily available to engage.

For an excellent engagement level, you should go live between Monday to Friday only. The best period for this should be by 12PM. You can also go live between 7AM to 9AM.

Best Times to Post Instagram Stories

Post Instagram Stories

Unlike the others above, Instagram Stories last for 24 hours and as such, there is no obligation to post within the best hours as your audience would still get to see the stories while going through stories.

However, if you still need to post at the “best times” then you should post a story between 9AM to 4PM from Monday to Friday. As stated earlier, you can post outside of these periods and you will still enjoy an excellent engagement level.


When it comes to posting on Instagram – post at random times without any posting schedule and get random results from your posting with some getting the level of engagement you want and others performing terribly.

From the above, you can see that even though Instagram users remain at home on Weekends, Saturday and Sundays are the worse days to post if what you want is a good engagement level as they would either be resting or doing house chores or engaging in social events but not on the Internet.

It turns out that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post on Instagram. I will advise you to put into consideration the specific timing discussed above and use it for creating a posting calendar in other to enjoy maximum engagement.

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