10+ Best Social Media Search & Lookup Tools (2024)

Are you looking for the best social media lookup tools to find accounts of those you are dealing with professionally or even personally? Then you are on the right page as the article below provides recommendations on some of the best social media lookup tools in the market you can use.

Best Social Media Lookup Tools

Overview of Best Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Google SearchOverall Best Lookup Tool
  • SEONBest Social Media Lookup Tool for Anti-Fraud
  • PeoplelookerBest Social Media Lookup for the US
  • OrbitlyBest Lookup Tool for Lead Generation and Marketing
  • TruthFinderComprehensive Lookup Tool for US Citizen

Best Social Media Lookup Tools for Searching Social Media

Until recently, recruiters constantly worried about learning about the reputation of their potential employees from documents such as resumes. In a similar spirit, business owners enjoyed learning a little bit about the past of possible customers.

A social media lookup tool is the go-to tool for this kind of research. Social media lookup tools are not only used in professional environments, you can also use them for the search for a high school classmate and also check the real identity of the person that send you an email. Without the aid of these social network lookup tools, many of these activities are rather difficult.

The best way to simplify your social media search is to use the social media lookup tool. You may now quickly and easily obtain vital details including a user's location, contact information, and public posts on a variety of social networking networks.

Putting an end to manual searches and introducing quick, easy, and effective social media research. If you are looking for the best social media lookup tool to use for your next social media account searches, you can make a choice from the below. We discuss the top 10 social media lookup tools in the market you can use.

1. Google Search – Overall Best Lookup Tool

Google search Overview

Google is without a doubt the most popular search and lookup engine on the internet. In actuality, Google is linked to even non-English media networks and search engines. It's interesting that this fantastic application is free to use and provides a feature for several languages.

Because Google is connected to all social media, particularly the well-known ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and the like, it is the ideal tool for people's searches regardless of their language or region.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Google offers a ton of information on any name, contact, or address looked up. Along with being free, it's an advantage because the usage is straightforward. However, it can be necessary to confirm the verifiability of the data. It is also difficult to employ for vast amounts of data.

2. SEON – Best Social Media Lookup Tool for Anti-Fraud

SEON Overview

SEON is one of the top resources for finding out information on people you wish to do business with. Popularity comes from how well it works at giving in-depth information about the person or people under inquiry. More importantly, this platform is a go-to for services related to fraud protection. It is the best anti-fraud weapon as a result. It uses more than 50 internet platforms, including social media, to help offer information about the identities submitted.

The application also assists you in profiling the person you wish to keep an eye on. Profile photos, bios, and other information that can provide you with a clearer picture and records of the individual you are working with will be included in the data output. One piece of information, like an email address, a mobile number, or an IP address, is all that is required.

3. Peoplelooker – Best Social Media Lookup for the US

Peoplelooker Overview

This US-specific tool is a one-of-a-kind creation. This is due to the fact that it offers great features that source the information on the relevant person. The greatest tool to use if you live in the US is this one. The six-in-one social media lookup tool is its well-known moniker. The six characteristic parameters that are used to harvest individual data are the reason for this designation.

These include unclaimed money, reverse phone lookup, email lookup, username lookup, business lookup, and person searches. The users are most amazed by how easy it is to utilize this program. The locational coverage of this tool is less comprehensive than that of Google and SEON. It has got a reasonable pricing as you can get started with $1.

4. BeenVerified – Best Alternative for Peoplelooker

BeenVerified Overview

Do you need to examine the background of a prospective employee or business partner in the US? The list's top spot goes to BeenVerified, a verified social media checking tool. The finest search tool to take the place of PeopleLooker in the US is this one. It guarantees a trusted relationship with many media outlets.

Therefore, if you use this technique, you can discover more about a person by visiting their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. It has a $1 weekly subscription fee, just like the previous US-based lookup tool. For this reason, it is cost-effective for both small and large businesses. BeenVerified is effective at sifting through the criminal histories of the profile being searched for, just like SEON is.

5. Orbitly – Best Lookup Tool for Lead Generation and Marketing

Orbitly Overview

In general, a marketing agency can use this technology effectively. In order to create more details about a contact, Orbitly is being utilized to simulate and integrate the business with the media area. Additionally, it connects them with potential clients, creating leads for their sales funnel. You don't need to be concerned about the specifics of a potential client or consumer when using Orbitly. You can immediately send them emails when you receive data using this tool.

Many of these facts come from reputable websites like Github, LinkedIn, and other well-known social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Orbitly does not impose a location restriction, in contrast to BeenVerified and PeopleLooker. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. Finally, this tool offers a free trial.

6. Spokeo – Best Lookup Tool for Enterprise

Spokeo Homepage

Spokeo is similar to PeopleLooker BeenVerified. In terms of the position of usability and workability, it is equivalent to them. If you live in the US, it is a great tool to use to check up on companies, people, or organizations. Despite its effectiveness in providing both individuals and businesses with high-quality information from the social media realm, it is not a common resource for those outside of the United States.

It use phone numbers, email addresses, and even postal addresses to conduct reverse lookups. On Spokeo's official website, you can conduct an instant search if you have a plan that you have paid for. It is also vital to note that it is more expensive than comparable products in the US. As a result, businesses use it better.

7. TruthFinder – Comprehensive Lookup Tool for US Citizen


Another social media lookup tool is the TruthFinder tool. This tool shares similarities with PeopleLooker and BeenVerified in terms of the US as its service jurisdiction. However, it provides a social evaluation and background check of the person being searched for. First and last names are entered into the tool. The program uses a two-way verification when you select the gender of your target. As a result, it leverages the target's initial to increase and verify its accuracy.

The age range and maybe the length of residence in your preferred American state are crucial to the search's capacity to be independently verified. This fantastic lookup tool displays the family histories relevant to your desired search. As a result, you would be well-informed before going on that date, signing that contract, or accepting that job.

8. People Finder – Best Lookup Tool for Public Record

People Finder

Do you want to look up a possible client's or employee's public record? Perhaps you're curious about what an old acquaintance has been doing. Visit People Finder if you want. His search engine is well-liked by Americans. simply because it focuses on public records from America. The names and city or state of residence are all you need to obtain someone's details and biographical information.

With the help of images, addresses, assets, contact details, and even police reports, this tool delivers information on the search terms. Like Truthfinder does, providing information on the length of time or the number of children aids in the veracity of the data. It is possible to use this service for nothing at any moment.

9. Lullar – Best Alternative Lookup Tool for Google 

Lullar Overview

You can also use the free, all-inclusive search engine Lullar. It functions much like a standard search and lookup tool. It is integrated into every social networking platform, though. The users are amazed by this tool's simplicity. Typically, all it needs to conduct a search is a name—first name, last name, or email address.

Our search on it with a first name turned up a variety of social media handles with the same first name, along with media tags and hashtags. mostly on well-known social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Even on adult websites like Onlyfan and Pornhub, this program does not exclude any recorded media page in relation to the sought term.

10. Social Catfish – Email-Based Lookup Tool

Social Catfish Overview

If you're trying to find a friend or a lost connection? Social Catfish can be of assistance. This device is referred to as a professional verification device. Although it uses email more effectively, it also conducts a search query using name, phone contacts, address, photos, and media username. In contrast to services like BeenVerified and PeopleLooker, you have the option of selecting the nation where your search target is located.

You will be asked to select the age range after choosing a country, or you can skip this step. Moreover, a wide range of media databases that span social networks, government and education, public databases, and business records. The results show you a view of the person's profile information, including their employment history and any relevant criminal histories.

11. Many Contacts Extension – Web-Based email Qualifier

Many Contacts Extension Overview

Email is a common method of official communication. Visit ManyContacts if you need to find for more information about someone you know via email. This addon is renowned for connecting all profiles with their emails and social media handles utilizing its web-based Gmail finder. Regardless of your location or the location of the profile you are looking for, the plugin is a reliable lookup tool.

The utility is accessible and downloadable as a Chrome extension for an easy user experience. As a result, you may access any website and get email addresses and profile information using the tool. Similar to Google and other search engines, this tool is also free to use.

12. ClearBit Connect – Best for Finding Sales email

ClearBit Connect Overview

Another program that can be used to learn a lot of information about people via emails, similar to ManyContact, is ClearBit. However, the majority of the time it is employed to look up sales emails. As a result, it is a social search engine focused on the market. Additionally, you can use it to locate a business or institution. The program can also be used to look up persons by connecting links between their email addresses and usernames from social media. Getting the information on the profile that was searched only takes five minutes in total.

Accurate biodata, location, and contact information, as well as financial and company details, will all be presented in such data or information output. As far as email address searches are concerned, user feedback has consistently been scored 10/10 accurate.

13. SignalHire – Best Alternative for ManyContacts Extension

SignalHire Overview

One other extension that is useful for looking up email addresses is presented here. It is the ideal fit for the ManyContact Extension. It assists you in finding information by using legitimate phone and email accounts. As a result, many recruiters use it as a cool tool to gather data. You can utilize its free trial to check the accuracy of user information.

SignalHire can also be used to confirm a domain name and other information. It is simple to download and use the extension. You can access information about an individual from their social media accounts by using their name as the point data. such as social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, MeetUp, and the like. This program can be used to give tasks to members of your working team, as stated on their website.


Yes, it is legal in most cases. The use of social media lookup tools to try to learn more about someone is not criminal conduct. Particularly when the data is public or stored on a platform for public records. Most nations have laws and rights pertaining to data protection. As a result, social media usage should center on the curfew and laws that apply in each country. Additionally, there should be a valid rationale for using such a tool. Simply told, it's not appropriate to seek up someone's personal information on social media in order to either conduct a crime in their name or against them.

Q. What Platforms Does a Social Media Lookup Tool Cover?

It often includes well-known networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram as a social media lookup tools. Some tools might additionally support extra platforms, including YouTube or Reddit. For the social media platforms that are particular to such a location, a social media lookup tool that is region-specific may be useful. However, the majority of the programs can search through emails for information. Emails are therefore important and basic to any social media lookup tools. In reality, some social media lookup tools also include adult media platforms and domains in their coverage.

Q. How Does a Social Media Lookup Tool Work?

To put it simply, the tool scans all media platforms for data and information related to the point data you profile. A first name, last name, or email address could be included in this point data. In order to choose the profile that is the most similar, it quickly searches the social media database in the service area. As a result, the algorithm is created and planned to function with the point data provided to direct the search.

Therefore, it takes into account previous usernames, nicknames, and tags. This makes it simple to get your hands on any information you would need regarding your point of reference data, as the situation may be.

Q. Who Can Benefit From Using a Social Media Lookup Tool?

It is impossible to overstate how useful social media lookup tools are. These advantages apply to all categories of people or organizations. Consequently, using a social media lookup tool can be advantageous for both individuals and companies. The program can assist individuals in finding long-lost friends, coworkers, or family members. These tools can offer useful information to organizations and enterprises about the characteristics of the partners, clients, and staff. Knowing these people's online and offline reputations is helpful. This prompts preliminary investigations if there is any dispute.

Q. Is It Easy To Use a Social Media Lookup Tool?

The majority of social media lookup tools are made to be intuitive and simple to use. They normally don't require any technical expertise and offer an always-accessible, straightforward report. Some technologies, however, might be more complicated and need for a better comprehension of social media metrics and analytics. The majority of them, fortunately, are made to provide boxes where the point data may be entered to perform a quick search.


In conclusion, both individuals and organizations can greatly benefit from using a social media lookup tool like the SEON Social Media Lookup Tool and the like. This tool can help you peep and look up the reputation and public impression of your next employee or client across various social media platforms. The Social Media Lookup Tools are a worthwhile investment if you want to rule out the possibility of blind deals with people based on what they say about themselves.

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