10 Best Instagram Followers Apps to Get Followers Quickly (2022)

There are apps you can use to gain Instagram followers and increase your fan base. If you are looking for such apps, then the article below has been written for you as we would be recommending some of the top Instagram followers apps in the market.

Best Instagram Followers Apps

While you will want to engage with your existing followers, gaining more followers and retaining them is at the top of the priorities of most Instagram users. This is because if you have many followers, you get some form of social credibility that would get others to want to interact with your posts and even account.

However, gaining followers is not as easy as is stated in the Instagram guidelines and if you are to go by that, you will most likely not get the number of followers you ever wanted especially if you are not a big name. This is because even some low-level celebrities end up gaming the system as it is increasingly becoming difficult to gain followers on the scale you want as a new account.

While there are many methods you can use to gain followers, our focus in this article is the apps you can install and use to gain followers — of them are even free. However, when dealing with an app that requires you to log into your account, you are always at the risk of getting such an IG account compromised and that is why you need to only use an app that can be trusted.

In this article, we would be recommending some of the top Instagram followers apps that you can use. Before doing that, let take a look at an overview of the method.

Overview of Instagram Follower Apps

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The idea behind installing an app and using it to gain followers is something everyone would jump on. Some of these apps would even taunt themselves as free as you won’t be using cash to pay for the followers. However, it is hard to believe a non-profit service will be set up to provide you with followers for free.

For the most part, while these apps are free, they require you to carry out certain tasks or even use your phone for undisclosed uses and in turn, you are provided followers. That is how they work and that is why before installing any Instagram follower app, you need to know how the apps make it money or even provide you followers in the first place.

Regardless of the method followed; one thing is clear — followers provided by using an app are most likely fake followers AKA bot followers and even if they are not — they would turn into ghost followers. Ghost followers are the followers that never engage with your content. There is also the case of you losing those followers as time goes on.

For these reasons, it is advisable you only use any of these apps as a small part of your strategy as the followers you will get at best would be ghost followers — and you can even get suspended in the process. With this known, let’s move to the recommendations.

Best Instagram Followers Apps (Quickly & Safe)

There are many apps in the market that promise to provide you with Instagram followers if installed. Unfortunately, not all of them keep to the promise and for that reason, you need to be picky in terms of the one you use. In this section of the article, we would be recommending some of the top options out there that we know worked at the time the article was written.

1. Insta Followers Pro

Instagram Follower Apps Insta Followers Pro Overview

The Insta Followers Pro is one of the options out there if you want to gain new followers. This service provides an Android app you would install for free and then take up the tasks provided to earn coins. It is the coins you earned from the tasks allocated to you that you will use to buy the followers. If you do not want to carry out any tasks, then you will have to pay to get coins and then use the coins.

The task is nothing difficult — it is just you following the profile of other Instagram users and then you get coins in return. Insta Follower Pro is quite fast and easy to use even for first-time users. The followers you are provided would have profile pictures and not egg profiles with no profile pictures or regular posts.

2. Turbo Followers

Instagram Follower Apps Turbo Followers Overview

Turbo Followers is one of the best Instagram follower apps in the market. This application has been developed for both the Android and iOS platforms and with it, you can gain new followers without paying for them with money. Turbo Followers trades like for followers.

The service will get you to like a certain post and in return, you are credited with points. When the points reach a certain threshold, you can then use it to get followers. The app is quite easy to use as it is intuitive even to first-time users. However, it is important you know that the followers you are getting are fake followers and as such, you shouldn’t expect any form of engagement from them.

Instagram Follower Apps Followers Gallery Overview

Another app that you can use to gain new followers is the Followers Gallery which is a rebrand. This app is available on both iOS and Android and using it, you can gain followers. Basically, the app gives you coins and you earn coins when you complete specific tasks you are meant to after which you can use the coins to gain followers.

As with others of its kind, it is important to know that you can only use it if you have free time to spend. If you do not, then the best thing for you to do is pay for the followers and they get delivered to you. Even though the followers are most likely bots, they kind of look real.

4. GetInsita

Instagram Follower Apps GetInsita Overview

The GetInsita app is one of the top Instagram follower apps in the market that you can use to gain new followers either by completing certain simple tasks or by simply paying for them. The option of paying for them is there for those that do not want to complete any tasks but want to get new followers — and the pricing is dead cheap.

On the other hand, if you do not want to pay for the followers, then you are made to complete simple tasks and in return, you earn coins that you can use to get followers. As a new user, you are given free coins as a welcome bonus. The GetInsita app is available for Android and you can use it with little to no guidance. Aside from followers, it is also a tool for getting likes.

5. SocialFollow

Instagram Follower Apps SocialFollow Overview

If you are looking for an option where you will not pay for followers and you will also not complete any survey or complete any task no matter how simple the task is, then the SocialFollow app is the app for you. This app is not like the others specific to either Android or iOS or both — this is available as a web application that is accessible via a web browser.

SocialFollow will provide you with 10 followers for free every day with no strings attached. This means that if you were consistent to log into the app, you should get up to 300 followers in a month. If this number is still small for you, you can go ahead and pay for the followers and they get delivered to you within a short period of time.

6. Ins Followers

Instagram Follower Apps Ins Followers Overview

The Ins Followers is a service that has got support for providing free followers and can be regarded as one of the best Instagram follower applications in the market. It has got support for both iOS and Android. However, the names of the apps for each of the platforms differ. If you are using an iPhone, you should download Instabox and Android users should make use of the GetInsta app.

Ins Followers use the coin model where you earn coins by logging in daily, referring friends, or carrying out other simple tasks. With the coins you earned, you can buy followers and the followers get delivered instantly. However, there is also the option of just buying the followers without carrying out the tasks and the pricing is quite affordable.

7. InsEnGage

Instagram Follower Apps InsEnGage apps Overview

One of the unique follower apps out there for Instagram is the InsEnGage application. This app is different from the others in the way it helps you gain followers. While the others provide you followers by getting you to carry out certain tasks and in turn you are rewarded with followers that would probably turn out to be ghost followers, the InsEnGage app helps you gain followers by using hashtags.

Yes, you can see this application as one of the best apps out there if you are new and you want to gain organic followers. The tool advises you on the best hashtags to use for maximum outreach and the best period to post to get maximum engagements.

8. Followers+ for Instagram

Instagram Follower Apps is Followers+ for Instagram Overview

The Followers+ for Instagram does not provide you, followers, directly like the other apps will provide you. In fact, it is not like the InsEnGage that will provide you with tips on how to gain followers. So what does it do for you that warrants it to be on this list? The Followers+ app is a follower app meant for tracking your followers and knowing what their moves are.

Have you gained new followers or have you recently lost followers? You get answers to these and even a list of those that recently unfollowed you. The app comes with a feature that will help you unfollow your unfollowers without leaving the app. Another feature you will come to like is the audience insights and report feature.

9. Hiketop

Instagram Follower Apps Hiketop Overview

The Hiketop is one of the best apps for Instagram if you want to gain more followers, likes, views, and even comments. The application would help you gain all of these by helping you post your photos with the best possible descriptions and hashtags. You will need to either pay for their package or make use of the referral system to use this application to its full potential.

One good thing you will come to like about the Hiktop is that it does not annoy you with ads like some of its counterparts do. The Hiketop is one of the apps that you can say are relatively safe if you make use of them in moderation as many of the followers’ apps in the market can actually put your account in trouble.

10. Easypromos

Instagram Follower Apps Easypromos Overview

The Easypromos service is another service you can use to gain more followers. However, the app is centered around those that are willing to do giveaways and promos. With the Easypromos tool, you can giveaways and contest which would provide you access to a large audience that does not even know your account exists in the first place.

On Instagram, giveaways are some of the methods brands use to increase their brand awareness and earn followers without them paying for all of the followers. This method works as the whole idea of freebies appeal to a good number of people and you can use that to your advantage. The tool has been used to create over 2 million giveaways and contests by over 20K users of the app.

FAQs About Instagram Followers Apps

Q. Difference Between Sites and Apps for Instagram Followers?

A quick Google search will reveal to you that you have the option of choosing both using a website or an application. For the most part, these two categories do the same thing. The option you choose will depend on you. However, having the app on your phone might be more convenient for you if you are the type that likes using native apps.

However, using the website options allow you to access the follower service from any device provided there is a browser. This cannot be said to be true for apps as they are platform dependents, usually meant either for Android or iOS.

Q. Are Instagram Followers Apps Safe?

The moment you enter your login details into a third-party app, you should be ready to ready to lose your account. For this reason, the safety of your account would depend on the developers of the app you are using. This is because the apps are not open source and as such, they can inject malicious code into them to capture your username and password and claim they do not.

However, for the apps described above, no user has claimed he lost access to his account because of any of the apps.

Q. Would Instagram Block My Account for Using Instagram Followers Apps?

The method used by these apps to gain followers for the most case is not organic. The number of followers you gain via these apps that will engage with your account is small. In all, Instagram frown at using these apps for gaining followers.

However, this does not mean you will be blocked from using them. If you use them in moderation and the followers are not easily detected as fake followers, you should have nothing to worry about. However, when used excessively, it becomes easy to get detected and blocked.


From the above, you might want to start using the apps to gain followers. However, as a way of concluding this article, I will advise you to only use these apps as a small fraction of your strategy.

This is because on the long run, these followers won’t be of any benefit to you as you will most likely some of them — even for the ones you retain, they would end up being ghost followers that won’t interact with your account.

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