Balkobot Review

Do you want to purchase a license for the Balkobot sneaker bot and you are looking for an honest review of the Balkobot sneaker copping bot in other to make an informed decision? Then stick to this page as we would provide you a review of the bot by describing its pros and cons.

Balkobot Sneaker Bot Review

There are many sneaker bots in the market that making a choice for yourself becomes a problem. This is because most of these bots all do have hypes surrounding them. It is because of this reason that we began writing sneaker bot reviews to provide you honest opinions on the bots so as to know which is worth both the hype and money labeled on it.

In this article, the focus would be on the Balkobot – taunted as one of the best sneaker bots in the market. One thing about this bot is that its website is devoid of content users could read. For this reason, let take a look at an overview of the Balkobot before focusing on the review.

Balkobot Sneaker Bot Overview

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The Balkobot is one of the old sneaker bots in the market, being around since 2018. This bot has proven to be one of the best in the market for the times it has been in the market. While it does not have the AIO term in its name as other bots do, it has got support for multiple sites including Adidas and Supreme.

The bot is multithreaded and can be regarded as one of the fastest you will lay your hands on. It has also got cross-platform support, which makes it possible to install on your device without the need to run your bot on a server. The bot is regularly being updated and can be said to be one of the stable bots in the market when it comes to securing Ws in releases.

It is for some of the above-mentioned reasons that the bot is really hyped and as you know, when a bot gets hyped a lot, getting access to it becomes very difficult except you will have to buy it at reselling price which could go more than 10X its initial amount.

While the Balkobot works, it has got one major downside that keeps some people away from it and that has to do with its ease of usability. The bot is not easy to use and you need to spend some time to get to know how to use it — there are better bots you can use when it comes to ease of use.


Balkobot Pros

Balkobot is not all hype — it is a bot that actually works. While we can’t be trusting on the years it has been around in the market, this bot has consistently shown it can dominate releases and help its users secure Ws in drops. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the reasons this bot is loved by its users.

Effective Anti-Bot Bypass Support

Balkobot Anti-Bot Bypass Support

One of the reasons why the Balkobot sneaker copping bot has remained in the game for the years of its existence is tied to its ability to evade detection. The days of amateurish bots copping is over and you need more than just a bot that can go through the process of checkout items. If a bot cannot evade detection, it might only be able to cop a pair and then get discovered and blacklisted — dropping its user out of the drop.

Balkobot is aware of the anti-bot system put in place by each of the sneaker sites it supports. Interestingly, it has been able to match such to make sure it is never blocked, made useless, or prevented. It hides the fact that it is a bot and mimics regular user’s behavior on a site.

Balkobot has got support for both proxies and Captcha solver. For the proxies, you will be the one to add the proxies yourself, and the best proxies to use for the Balkobots are either high-speed residential proxies or ISP proxies. Datacenter proxies would easily get sniffed out by the sneaker sites supported.

Balkobot Captcha solver

For the Captcha harvester, you will not have the need to pay for a third-party harvester as you would if you were to be using another bot. This is because it has got a captcha solver implemented straight into its — another way of saving you money.

Affordable Pricing

Another feature I like about the Balkobot is its pricing which can be said to be affordable. There is no doubt that the whole idea behind using a bot is adding another cost to your love for sneakers. If you are a reseller, you wouldn’t mind the cost of using a bot as you know you will most likely get your money back after copping many pairs and reselling them for profit.

However, if you are just a sneakerhead that loves all of ‘em limited-edition sneakers, the cost can mean a lot. There is no point trying to buy a bot that you cannot afford (not possible right?). A bot does not have to be too expensive for it to work and the Balkobot proves that by making their bot affordable for its users.

The retail price for the Balkobot is $220 which is considered a good amount for a sneaker bot, considering the number of sites it supports, the platform you can run the bot on, and the level of success it has recorded, creating some hype around it even on Twitter.

However, the $220 is not the only price you will have to pay. That is the initial money to pay after which you are expected to start paying a renewal fee of $60 monthly after the first 6 months. Interestingly, if you choose to pay for a yearly renewal instead, the payment for the renewal becomes $360, making the price for the renewal even cheaper for you.

More Than One Sneaker Site Supported

Balkobot Site Support

The Balkobot does not have the term AIO bot attached to its name. So, you wouldn’t be expecting it to have support for many sites since it is becoming a convention for sneaker bots that support multiple sneakers to have the term AIO in its name. However, if you take a look at the Balkobot itself or its Twitter handle, you will discover it has got support for more than one site.

Currently, the Balkobot sneaker bot has got support for Shopify sneakers which you will agree with me the number is in hundreds. It is regarded as the best bot for Shopify sneaker sites. But that is not all. Aside from Shopify, the bot is also perfect for copping from other stores including Supreme, Adidas, OffWhite, and even Footsites.

With this, the Balkobot can be said to be an AIO bot. With it, you might not have the need to make use of another sneaker bot again especially if it supports the sites you will want to cop from.

One downside I see to this site’s support as an AIO bot is the absence of the Nike SNKRS platform from the list of supported stores. It is no doubt that the Nike SNKRS store is one of the popular in the sneaker market and should be added.

However, it has become a trend for most AIO bots including Balkobot to keep it out of the supported stores.

Both Mac and Windows Supported

Mac and Windows platforms

In the past, most sneaker bots are launched only on Windows and you are expected to run the bot on a server if you are not using a Windows machine. While this was convenient for Windows users, Mac users find it an added complexity especially for those that are not ready to run their bot on the server.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with running your bot on a server and it is even advisable to do so if you feel you will be at a disadvantage in terms of speed weather because of your location or because of the low spec of your machine. However, sometimes, all you want is to run the bot natively — do not forget, a server also required payment too.

The Balkobot is one of the bots then that later provided support for Mac too. So unlike in the past that you are required to have a Windows computer or run the bot on a server, you can run Balkobot on your computer natively and it will work if you are using a Mac.

Together with Windows, the two platforms enjoy up to 90 percent of the desktop machine share. If you are not using any of these Operating Systems, then you will need to run it on a server.

Currently, the bot has not joined the league of bots that provide mobile apps to make copping easily done on the go. However, for the platforms it supports, it does that quite well and you can milk all of the juice you can from your machine for a fast fluid experience.

Good Customer Support

Balkobot Customer Support

Firstly, it is important I state here that if you are looking for help on their website especially as a non-licensed user, you are most likely wasting your time. Your inquiries would most likely be attended to only on Twitter.

However, if you are a licensed user in their Discord group, then you are in good company. The service has got excellent and comprehensive documentation that will guide you on how to use the bot and that is available on their Discord server.

On the Discord server, you also get tips and tricks, drop monitoring, and early links to drops, among many others. Discord remains the easiest way to connect with the team and get a quick reply. You can also contact them via email or Twitter.

Balkobot Cons

Just like every other bot in the market, the Balkobot does have its downsides you should be aware of before making a monetary decision. Below are some of the cons associated with the Balkobot.

UI not Beginner Friendly

Balkobot UI

No matter how you want to see it, a sneaker bot added into your workflow because you want to purchase a sneaker is added complexity but because of what you stand to gain, you have to endure.

However, this does not mean a sneaker bot should be complex and that is why bots come with Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of being available as a Command Line Interface (CLI), making it possible for non-techies to use.

Even with the GUI, Balkobot has not been designed in a way that is beginner-friendly. You need to spend some time to know how to make use of it and this is because it is not intuitive. However, once you get used to it, you wouldn’t have usability problems again.

Usually Out of Stock

Balkobot is one of the best bots in the market and is known to help its users secure Ws in drops. With a license to this bot, you also get access to their Discord server where you do not only get guides on how to use the bot but also release calendar, drop links, and tips and tricks to enable you to succeed in the copping game.

All of these come together to make the bot competitive and the result of these is that the bot becomes as competitive as the sneakers it is meant to cop. Yes, because of the hype surrounding the bot, everyone wants to have access to it and the advantages that come with it. But sadly, not everyone will have access to it as the team behind it limit the numbers and only restock ones in a while.

There is no specific date for stock and you will have to follow their Twitter page to get a notification of when next the bot will be restocked. Even at that, you could also wait and still not get your hand on the license because of its competitive nature.

Resell Price Can Be Expensive

Because the bot is always out of stock and there is no even a guarantee that you will get your hands on one when it eventually goes on sale, the only option available to you is to buy from a reseller if you must use the bot. The price you get from resellers can. Be quite high. Though, for Balkobot, the price has dropped to some form of lows, the price is still not cheap for most people.

On BotBroker, you can get a lifetime copy of this bot for about $2K which is quite on the high side. However, if you consider the fact that there was a time that this same bot was sold for over $5K on BotBroker, you will discover that it is quite a drop.

Does Balkobot Work?

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When it comes to sneaker bots, the only way you know if the bot works is if you have used it. With that being said, our experience reveals to us that the bot works. However, you do not have to take our words for it. A visit to Twitter will reveal to you, the successes resellers and sneakerheads enjoy as a result of using Balkobot. With the hype surrounding it and lack of negativity, it is hard to even think the bot doesn’t work.

However, while it works for others, it might not work for you and as such, the yd not provide you a guarantee since you will be competing with others and your ability to compete will determine your success and not just the bot.

Do we Recommend Balkobot?

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There is no way we would not recommend a bot that works except there is a critical downside to the bot. So far, the Balkobot has not shown any of such. It is a bot that is fast, multithreaded, supports many stores, and can be used on both Windows and Mac. The bot can evade detection and even comes with its own captcha harvester and solver.

The retail price for the bot is also affordable and after buying it, if you feel you d not need it again, you can resell it for a huge profit. Because of all of these reasons, Balkobot is definitely one of our recommended options out there. However, you will be lucky if you are able to get your hands on it at a retail price.

Our Expert's Review
  • Automation Performance - 8.9/10
  • Growth Service - 8.8/10
  • Bot Functions - 8.3/10
  • Customer support - 8.7/10

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