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To access Australia geo-targeted web content, you either have to be in Australia or make use of IP addresses from Australia tospoof your real location. Come in now and discover proxy providers that you can get Australian IP addresses to carry out your tasks online.

Best Australia Proxies

Overview of Australia Proxies

Australian Residential Proxy network
  • Luminati: 400K IPs in Pool from Australia- <Starts from $500 for 40GB | $12.5 per GB> – Overall Best Provider
  • Smartproxy: 30K+ IPs in Pool from Australia – <Starts from $75 for 5GB | $15 PER GB> – Pocket-Friendly Provider
  • Shifter: 31+ million IPs in Pool – Australian IPs count not specified – <Starts from $249 for 10 ports | $25 per port> – Unlimited Bandwidth

Australian Private Proxy Services
  • Highproxies: <Starts from $1.49 per proxy> – Most affordable private proxies
  • SquidProxies: <Starts from $24 for 10 proxies> – Premium proxy provider
  • Blazing Proxies: <Starts from $1.70 per proxy>- Rotating datacenter proxies

Free Australian Proxy Lists

Best Places to Buy Australia Proxies

The Internet, as we have it in the beginning, that everyone from anywhere can access the same content is long gone. Now, websites are becoming more localized and personalized in the content they provide. If you are not present in Australia, there are some websites that you’ll not be able to access.

For some, the content available to the Australian audience is entirely different from the one available to users from other locations. If you must access the Internet and be allowed to access Australia geo-targeted content, then you must make use of Australian IP addresses – proxies, VPNs, and Tor will provide you that.

The focus of this article is on proxies. Unlike the other two, proxies are better suited for Internet Marketing (IM) tasks that require many IP addresses. They are easy to set up and integrate into automation bots such as scrapers, crawlers, and purchase bots. In this article, I will be making recommendations on the best proxy providers you can get Australian IP addresses from. The list is divided into 3 sections – free, residential, and datacenter proxies.

Why Use Australia Proxies?

If you are knowledgeable about proxy servers, you will know that Australia proxies are not different from regular brokers, aside from the fact that it makes use of Australian IP addresses. Why, then, will you need Australian IP addresses when you are not present in Australia? The reason you’ll need Australian IP addresses is for location spoofing. Location spoofing is the act of replacing your real location with a different one, in this case, Australia.

Web services you send web requests to can detect your location using your IP address – using an Australian IP address will keep your real location hidden, and your traffic will be treated as Internet traffic from Australia. You will need to spoof your real location to Australia in other to scrape Australia geo-targeted web content. Aside from scraping, crawling, and all other things in between, your will also need Australian IP addresses for accessing websites open only to Internet traffic from Australia.  So basically, if you are not looking forward to spoofing your real location to Australia, then there is no need to use Australian IP addresses – proxies from other regions will do.

Best Australia Proxy Providers in the Market

The market is proliferated with a good number of proxy providers, with many of them claiming to sell Australia proxies. In these markets, you are sure to get the good, the bad, and the ugly. How then do you know the best one to go for without spending too much time in research?

Well, we have handpicked a few providers to help you narrow your research and make a choice quickly. We have on our list 3 each for free Australia proxy servers, Australian residential proxy networks, and Australia private proxy providers.

Free Australia Proxy Servers

We always advise our readers to make use of paid proxies. That’s not to say that free proxies have been completely ruled out from the proxies that can be used. It might interest you to know that free proxies still have their place. However, you will have to deal with their slow speed, unpredictable and unreliable nature. Below are the websites you can get free proxy servers from.

Spys for austrelia has one of the largest databases of free proxies. It has support for a good number of locations including Australia. The list of proxies is provided in the form of a table, and each of the entry contains details of one proxy server – port, IP, location, uptime, proxy type, anonymity level, hostname, last time checked, and latency. It is important you make use of the filter system to help you quickly find proxies that can be useful to you. Make sure you go for only their high anonymous proxies.


Premproxy for australia

Premproxy is a proxy provider that provides free proxies in a bid to convert free users into paid users. In terms of the number of proxies on their list, it can be said that they have a few proxies from Australia as even their paid proxies from Australia are few.  Unlike that provides you lots of details about a proxy, you need to find out about each proxy speed, and uptime yourself – the only information provided by Premproxy is anonymity level, ISP, last checked, country, and city.


Proxynova for austrelia

Proxynova just like makes their money via advertisement as you visit their website to scrape proxies. They have a dedicated page for Australian proxies. Just like the other free proxies above, you will have to deal with issues related to uptime and performance – if you are not willing to deal with these, then go for the paid proxies discussed below.

Australia Residential Proxy Networks

Residential proxy networks make use of residential IP addresses. They do not give websites reasons to be suspicious and certainly do not reveal themselves as proxies – and even tend to evade detection. For these reasons, they are favorable for lots of use cases. The major problem associated with them is that they are expensive when compared to datacenter proxies. Let take a look at 3 providers with support for Australian IP addresses.



  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million (400K Australian IPs)
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GB
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GB

Luminati Proxies location of Australia

Luminati has been dubbed a market leader. It is arguably the best proxy provider in the market – and actually the largest proxy network. It has proxies that cut across the datacenter, residential, and mobile proxy categories. For its support for Australian IP addresses, it might interest you to know that Luminati has in its pool, over 400K residential IPs in its pool.

The Luminati residential proxy network is primarily a rotating proxy network. However, if you want, you can go for their static residential IPs. Using Luminati will give you the rest of the mind. First, you can enjoy up to a 7-days free trial option. Interestingly, you also have the option of a 3-days money-back guarantee.

Luminati rotating residential proxy



  • IP Pool Size: Over 40 million (30K Australian IPs)
  • Locations: 195 locations across the globe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 5GB
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GB

SmartProxy location of Australia

Are you looking forward to testing an Australian website, carrying out web scraping on a site that geo-target content, or use web services that restrict access to non-Australian traffic? Then you can make use of Smartproxy. It is a premium provider with over 30K Australian IP addresses in its pool – the total number of IPs in its pool is put at over 40 million.

Aside from Australia, this provider has support for about 195 other locations. Just like Luminati, it proxies are rotating – from Smartproxy, you can enjoy up to 10 minutes of persistent sessions. Smartproxy has a pocket-friendly minimum monetary requirement of $75.



Shifter Formerly Microleaves

  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million (Canadian IP count not specified)
  • Locations: 130 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $249.99 monthly for 10 ports

Shifter is also a backconnect residential proxy network, just like Luminati and Smartproxy. However, it has a few features that make it unique. The most noticeable difference is in the area of pricing. While the above are priced based on consumable bandwidth, Shifter has its plans priced based on ports and allows its users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

This then means that if you are going to do a lot of streaming, you are better off sticking to Shifter than either of the two above. Another fundamental difference is in the area of IP rotation. Shifter does not have support for high rotating proxies that change the IP address assigned to you after every request – its IP rotation system is time-based.

shifter backconnect proxies

Australian Private Proxy Providers

As effective as Australia residential proxies are, they are not the best and can even be an overkill in some situations. If what you require proxies for can be done with datacenter proxies, then you will be doing yourself some level of good by using dedicated datacenter proxies and saving yourself some money. Below are 3 datacenter proxies that support Australian IP addresses.



  • Locations: the US, Canada, Australia, and EU region only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.40 per proxy for a month

Highproxies has servers in many locations across North America, Europe, and Australia. According to the information available on their website, Highproxies has a server in Sydney, Australia – from this location; they manage over 1K dedicated proxies. Highproxies datacenter proxies are high-quality proxies that will provide you high speed and superior performance. The pricing can be said to be cheap and affordable. They make use of Intel Quad Core XEON Processors and provide you security and privacy by using the latest firewall security. Their servers are hosted on CentOS, a distribution of Linux.

Highproxies for gaming



  • Locations: 10 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: 10 proxies for $24 for a month

Serious proxies for serious marketing – that’s what they claim their proxies are. And no, they are not far from the truth. SquidProxies is one of the datacenter proxy providers in the market that mean business. Their proxies have been engineered to provide users with a blazing connection and download speed.

SquidProxies has support for Australian IP addresses from Australian data centers. Just like Highproxies, SquidProxies is easy to use as there is no complex configuration required – just use the IP and port pair and then authenticate, and you are good to go.

squidproxies overviews

Blazing Proxies

Blazing Proxies services

  • Locations: 13 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.70 per proxy for a month

Blazing Proxies is one of the products of BlazingSEO LLC. Their proxies are some of the fastest in the market. One thing you will come to enjoy about Blazing Proxies is that you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and create as much thread as you wish. Blazing Proxies are some of the finest proxies that can be used for SEO. They also have proxies you can use for sneaker copping. This provider has support for about 13 countries with Australia as one of the supported countries. Blazing Proxies have tons of subnets that will help mitigate against subnet ban.

Blazing Proxies for yelp


Australian IP addresses can help spoof your real location by appearing to websites as someone surfing from Australia. The above providers are some of the providers you can buy Australia proxies from. The only ones that have not been tested are the free proxies – no one will provide you guarantee that a free proxy server will work because they are unpredictable, slow, and can be unreliable.

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